How does the price of diamond jewellery evolve?

Diamond prices are stable over long periods of time. For instance, if you look at the price over 100 years, you’ll notice it increases by the index value. This means that, on average, diamonds are a very stable investment. We say ‘on average’ because there are exceptions for certain categories and certain periods.

Recent indicators and studies project an increase of the diamond prices for the coming decades. This anticipated price increase is mainly triggered by the combined effect of increasing demand and decreasing supply.

This increase in price of course depends on the specific diamond and its quality.

The value of diamond jewellery is something else. Seeing as various additional factors come into the equation, such as currency exchange rates, labour, gold and design, the value is harder to calculate yet more stable because of the importance of labour and design. Diamond jewellery of a certain brand quality is an even more special case because the brand’s quality guarantee also plays a role… Brands offer a guarantee for a certain quality, which is found in the quality of the materials (diamond, gold, platinum), the research for durability of the design and general aesthetics and the exclusivity (limited editions).

BAUNAT has chosen to differentiate itself not only through quality and design, but as an innovator in matters of purchase, stock management, distribution and marketing. BAUNAT only invests in matters contributing to a better process, allowing them to charge a fair price to the end consumer.

Moreover, as more than 90% of our clients buy online (via our 8-lingual E-boutique, where clients can pay in 7 currencies and via a large variety of payment methods), we are able to handle a fast growing customer base across the world (today BAUNAT sells to more than 50 countries) very cost efficiently, without having to invest in a large contingent of luxurious retail outlets and corresponding overheads. And this enables us to propose also this same exceptional price-quality to clients who choose to visit us in our showrooms in Antwerp, Paris, Amsterdam and Geneva.

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