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Are the watches for women or men?

BAUNAT currently has two different watch collections: the Italian collection and the Swiss collection. Each has their own characteristics and comprises of different models and sizes. How can you determine if a certain model is made for women or men? BAUNAT informs you about it.

In theory, watches with a watchcase diameter of 38mm and below are meant for woman, whilst a diameter of 38mm and above are destined for men. However, you are free to choose what size, colour and style watch you want to wear.

The watches of both collections are of the best quality and can be worn by both women and men. Overall, we can advise you keep the following 2 aspects in mind when choosing a watch:

  • Personal taste
  • Size of the watchcase and your wrist size

Personal taste

Our first collection, the Italian Collection, embraces sophisticated and unique designs and is made from 18kt gold components. The watches are perfect for everyday use as they are of the Quartz type. Featuring an 18kt gold wristband or a genuine calf leather band, this collection is perfectly suitable for both men and woman, depending on their personal taste.

Some models such as the Como watch have a sleek design and are mostly cherished by woman. Watches such as the Siena, with the black dial and black leather band, are admired by men.

Our second collection is the remarkable limited-edition Swiss Collection, combining refined designs with cutting edge technology. Made according to the Swiss Made craftmanship, the collection reflects high value and perfection. Swiss Made is a label that is only given when a watch is produced for at least 60% in Switzerland. BAUNAT’s Swiss Made watches are almost entirely produced there. The watches from the Swiss Collections adopt a mechanic movement that is either manual or automatic.

These watches are also perfect for everyday use but may require a little more maintenance then a Quartz watch. All the models are suitable to wear by men and women, depending on one’s personal taste. Jura Peak, for example is a favorite to men, with its black alligator leather wristband, black dial and white gold case. On the other hand, Jura Lake embraces a blue wristband and matching dial and is cherished by women and men.

Size of the watchcase and your wrist size

Aside from personal taste, the size of the watch and its case, your wrist size and build should be taken in consideration. You want to wear a watch that balances perfectly with your wrist, therefor someone very petite should choose a smaller watch to keep the balance, while someone with a larger build can wear a larger watch as well.

Usually women tend to buy a watch with a watchcase smaller than 38mm while men choose larger watches. With a small wrist, it may be better to own a smaller, delicate watch that perfectly complements your daily look.

On the other hand, men generally have larger wrists and opt for a watch larger than 38mm, such as the watches of the Swiss Collection and some models of the Italian Collection.

The Italian Collection includes watches with 35mm and 40mm cases and are perfect as the ultimate daily watch for men and women. We would recommend a watch with a 35mm case such as Como for women and a 40mm case such as the Siena for men.

In contrast, the Swiss Collection only includes one size: watches with a 39mm case. Thanks to their exceptional craftmanship and sophisticated design, they are also suitable for everyone who can appreciate high quality timepieces.

BAUNAT’s watches combine timeless designs with exceptional watchmaking know-how, ideal for men and women. Made from 18kt gold components and adopting cutting-edge technology, the watches from both the Italian and Swiss collection are pieces that will last a lifetime, and you can proudly pass on to the next generation.

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