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How do I choose my perfect investment diamond?

  • How can I choose the right diamonds?
  • What should I choose: diamond jewellery or loose diamonds?
  • What should my investment budget be?

What is a smart way of diversifying my investment portfolio? Resources are always a good idea, especially when they have an inherent value as, for example, diamonds do. Whether you will be buying loose diamonds or diamonds set in jewellery, BAUNAT is here to help you.

What should I pay attention to when buying diamonds?

Where should I buy diamonds for both a smart investment and a beautiful piece of jewellery? BAUNAT can assist you in your search for the perfect diamond jewel, as well as your search for the best investment diamond. With jewellery, we will help you find the ideal ‘full package’. With the perfect combination of pure diamonds, high quality precious metals and outstanding craftsmanship, you are guaranteed to buy diamond jewellery of superb quality.

What if I would rather invest in loose diamonds? Here, too, we can help you find the perfect diamond. Of course, the diamond will have to meet higher quality standards.

  • Carat: diamonds ranging from 1.00 ct. to 6.00 ct. are ideal for resale. 3 diamonds of 3.00 ct. each are generally a more interesting investment than one single diamond of 9.00 ct.
  • Clarity: higher than VS2 and up to ‘loupe clean’.
  • Colour: white diamonds should have a D, E or F colour grade; coloured diamonds should be intense if there is sufficient demand.

What should I choose: diamond jewellery or loose diamonds?

Whatever you are looking for, at BAUNAT, you are sure to find diamonds with the best price/quality ratio. Craftsmanship and aesthetic are more prominent with jewellery. For an investment, however, the focus lies primarily on a higher diamond quality.

Thus, with loose diamonds, we aim for more uncommon diamond characteristics, whereas for diamonds set in jewellery, it is sufficient to be a beautiful white with some visible impurities. With jewellery however, you also get the value of the precious metal such as platinum, yellow, red or white gold.

What should my investment budget be?

You can start investing in a rare and valuable resource such as diamonds with a budget of € 5.000 - € 6.000, for one single diamond of 1.00 ct. Furthermore, BAUNAT will not only provide you with the highest possible diamond quality within your budget, we will also ensure there is a high potential for resale.

What if I am still unsure about which diamond I should buy as an investment? How can I choose a beautiful jewel that has investment value as well? Contact the diamond experts from BAUNAT for advice tailored to your needs or take a look at the various options we offer regarding investment diamonds.

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