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Are there different sizes in the watches?

BAUNAT has two different watch collections, the Italian and the Swiss collection, each holding their own specifications. Are you wondering if there are different watch sizes available? Not sure what to do if your bracelet is too large or too small? BAUNAT explains.

While both collections have different designs and use contrasting technology, they are both only available in the size mentioned on the BAUNAT website. Depending on the type of bracelet, 18kt gold or leather, you can have it made smaller or larger.

The Italian Collection

Firstly, there’s the Italian Collection, which consists of different contemporary designs combined with high quality 18kt gold components. Depending on the model, the watchcase has a diameter of either 35mm or 40mm, which cannot be modified. The watches come with an 18kt gold bracelet or a genuine calf leather band, both will be delivered in their original size. A leather wristband is quite straightforward, as it fits different wrist sizes thanks to the holes in the band. Extra holes can always be made upon request should you require it to be smaller. When it comes to the gold bracelet, resizing it can be more difficult but not impossible. Would you like it to be smaller? Simply take an appointment in one of our showrooms worldwide, and our experts can take a piece out of the gold bracelet making it smaller. To enlarge it, a special extra piece can be ordered and carefully set into place by our watch professional.

Would you like to order an additional leather bracelet to change the color and look of your watch? There’s a possibility to purchase an extra leather band in blue, black, burgundy, brown, gold and chocolate, which needs to be changed by a BAUNAT watch expert.

The Swiss Collection

To continue, the Swiss Collection, BAUNAT’s exclusive and limited-edition collection stands for the highest quality and exquisite craftmanship. Both models, Chaux and Jura, which is produced in 6 color variations, all come with a high-quality alligator wrist band in brown, black, green or blue. Adding depth and color to the exclusive 18kt gold case as well as giving a modern and timeless look to it, leather bracelets are a great aspect.

All models comprise a case that have a diameter of 39mm and the watch will always be sold in its original size. The leather bracelet can easily be made smaller by adding some extra holes to it, however it usually fits small and larger wrists. Should you wish for an extra bracelet, you can purchase one separately and they are easily interchangeable by yourself.

Are you not sure of the watch size or would you simply like to try on an exquisite timepiece before buying it? Ask one of our BAUNAT experts for help, or take an appointment in one of our showrooms worldwide.

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