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How to choose the right BAUNAT diamond ring online by using AR?

BAUNAT is a digital based company. We sell our fine diamond jewellery mostly online. To give our customers the most realistic image of our jewellery, we offer a Virtual Try On Tool. This makes it possible for customers to see if the diamond ring they want to buy looks elegant on their own hand and matches their skin tone without visiting a showroom.

With the power of AR, short for Augmented Reality, we are able to display our rings online on the hands of our customers. When a customer is interested in a ring, they can choose to view the ring on their own hand. By using this feature, customers are able to upload a picture of their hand. Our technology will process this picture and put the chosen ring on the ring finger in the picture. The AR technology makes it possible for customers to try on different diamond cuts, carat sizes and ring bands in an easy way. This is a perfect way to discover if a certain ring is the right fit for someone.

Some customers may not be able to upload a picture of their hand. In this case, they can choose to use a model hand. This is a standard picture of a hand where the ring will be shown on. To personalize this experience, customers are able to change the skin tone of the model hand to make it more realistic to their own skin tone.

The AR tool is 100% web-based and does not require any additional software. Customers can simply click the icon next to the ring they are interested in and see the jewel in real life on their own hand. It is as easy as it sounds.

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