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BAUNAT Designer Jewellery Collections

Are you looking for diamond jewellery from the most talented Belgian designers? In BAUNAT’s Designer Jewellery collections, you’ll find our iconic sub-collections featuring our original and modern creations. From classics such as the Cocktail Club to innovative designs like Mademoiselle B., you are sure to find your new favourite item!

What does the BAUNAT Designer Jewellery collection stand for?

Choosing the BAUNAT Designer Jewellery collection is synonymous with buying high-quality diamond jewellery that reflects the philosophy of our brand. These jewels exude pureness, a timeless nature and our unremitting pursuit of perfection. Moreover, all creations from this exceptional line were designed by established Belgian designers.

Let yourself be tempted by this exclusive selection, choose the best quality for the best price, and treat yourself to a fantastic gift.

Which diamond jewellery can you find in the Designer Jewellery collection?

Do you want to buy diamond jewellery for a special occasion? Or for daily wear? Given the wide variety of designs and styles, these jewels lend themselves to every occasion. Choose nature-inspired jewellery from the Le Paradis collection, the Flowers collection, the Monarca collection, the Nathu collection and the Licio collection.

Or immerse yourself in the personal stories and intriguing sources of inspiration behind the Solé collection, the Pas-de-deux collection, the Jafo collection, the Overture collection and the Dancing Lady collection.

Why buy diamond jewellery online?

Buying your diamond jewellery online offers many advantages. You can review the selection in the comfort of your own home and compare prices when you have the time. You are therefore not bound by opening hours and benefit from the most competitive prices. By excluding unnecessary intermediaries and eliminating the costs for a physical store, you can buy diamond jewellery online at prices that are on average 30 to 50% lower.

Would you still like to view your favourite creations in a showroom? Make an appointment at one of our showrooms for a private visit.

Online webshop for high quality diamond jewellery. View all our diamond jewels in our online shop. Our online business model allows us to offer you these high quality jewels at excellent prices.

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