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What is the American Gem Society (AGS)?

The AGS was founded in 1934 by a small group of jewellers at the initiative of Robert M. Shipley. This non-profit organisation wanted to protect the public against fraud and misleading advertising when buying diamonds. A total of 3400 jewellers, retailers, suppliers, self-employed entrepreneurs and companies are now affiliated with the AGS. But what does this organisation stand for?

Who was the founder Robert M. Shipley?

Shipley is no stranger to the diamond world. He founded the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 1931, an education and research centre, focused on the study of gemstones. This centre started out very modestly in his apartment in Los Angeles and developed into an authority in the world of buying and selling diamonds.

And whilst he was travelling through the country promoting his GIA courses, Shipley also set up a laboratory service for the grading of gemstones. He started the AGS in 1934, a professional guild of skilled jewellers.

What was his vision?

Shipley discovered that a lack of knowledge about gemstones was at the basis of the consumer’s mistrust where buying diamonds was concerned. An objective assessment of the valuable stones was required. The AGS can therefore be regarded as the founder of the first scientifically assessed, objective and repeatable ‘Cut Grade method’ in the industry.  

The certificates people received when buying diamonds were created here. A report which is still important for verifying and guaranteeing the quality of the gemstone.

BAUNAT also arranges for its diamonds to be certified by the 3 most renowned laboratories in the world, namely the GIA, HRD and IGI. You always have the option of contacting our diamond experts for more information.

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