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How to invest smartly in diamonds: transparent quality and reliable certificates

At BAUNAT, we aim to offer “Smart Luxury”. This means that we pay attention to high quality in all its aspects (materials, product, execution, service and transparency) and not charging more for immaterial assets that are not reflected in the final product. Some luxury brands tend to invest more in high stock volumes, marketing strategies, luxurious retail stores, … and might lose sight of putting quality as their highest priority. And those extra expenses are later reflected in a higher pricing of the final product and so directly impacting the pocket of the customer. BAUNAT promises its clients in all transparency that the prices they pay are in direct correlation with the quality of the products offered.

While some charming and well-marketed offers might trigger your interest, being able to judge price/quality ratios objectively and fully informed can help you in spending (hence saving) your money in a smart way. In 2022, it has unfortunately still been observed that the  emphasis of a luxury experience often comes at the expense of a fully transparent communication. There are still companies who are not delivering the high-quality assurance by being vague about the exact quality of the diamond and/or only providing in-house certificates or certificates from less reputable labs. This way they are in the possibility to overvalue the quality of their diamonds and so they are deceiving the customer by asking them too high prices for the real delivered quality.

Non-transparent communication

We have been informed by our clients that some companies do not give an exact diamond quality but only quality ranges like for example E-F VS quality. In this case the client can be sure that they will receive the lowest quality which is for this example F VS2. Another way of non-transparent communication is not giving the client the full information about the quality of the stone and so hiding inferior specifications which makes the diamond less expensive. For example, you might have an “IF” clarity, but a non-communicated “good” cut grade, which significantly diminishes the value of that specific gemstone. It is therefore important that you as a client are fully informed to make a correct price comparison. It is also frequently seen that older grading systems are still used to communicate the diamond quality towards the client. Those grading systems are hardly used today and less accurate than the current official grading system using letter codes. For example using the terms ‘Wesselton’ or ‘River’ to define the color of your selected diamond. With these terms the client is still not sure about which quality will be delivered as there is no globally recognized corresponding quality with the current grading system. This way the client is less informed about the diamonds they are buying.

In-house certification or certificates from less reputable labs

A diamond grading report is a summary of a diamond's verifiable information (such as colour grade, clarity grade, cut grade and carat weight) and precisely describes its characteristics that prove the identity and the value of your diamond. There are still jewellers in the business who are intentionally marking up the grades of their diamonds (via for example in-house certificates) resulting in their clients paying a significantly higher price for a lower grade diamond. An example: the client pays for a G VS diamond but in reality receives a diamond which would be certified by e.g. GIA as a H SI diamond (or even lower). BAUNAT therefore explicitly dissociates itself from practices such as in-house diamond certificates and inferior quality certificates by less reputable labs. That’s the reason why BAUNAT only works with the most renowned certificates of the diamond industry worldwide: GIA, HRD & IGI. A certificate from one of these three reputable and well-known laboratories can be considered objective, independent, transparent, accurate and trustworthy.

At BAUNAT, we commit to provide our clients with:

  • High quality diamond jewellery. BAUNAT exclusively offers 100% natural diamonds, certified by internationally renowned laboratories such as GIA, HRD and IGI. All our jewels are completely handmade by skilled craftsmen in Antwerp and Paris.
  • The most attractive prices on the market without compromising on quality nor transparency. Thanks to our unique business model and buying our diamonds directly at the source without intermediaries, we can offer exquisite handmade diamond jewellery at prices which are 30% up to 50% lower than those of traditional jewellery brands.
  • An impeccable personal service: Our customers are our greatest asset. Therefore we offer individual appointments in our showrooms, a personal contact with our team throughout the whole order process, and the possibility to create tailor made jewellery according to our clients’ specific requests.
  • A solid credibility built through efficiency and transparency: our clients can benefit of 20 years product warranty, 30 days return policy and size adjustment options, fast deliveries, as well as free and insured shipping worldwide.
  • An international recognition of our commitment: In recent years, our customers have repeatedly awarded us with prizes like the Award for “Best Webshop 2021” by independent quality marks such as Trustpilot, SafeShops and BeCommerce.


Only 100% transparent communication and certificates from reputable labs will give you as a customer the possibility to protect yourself against deceitful quality and pricings. BAUNAT will never compromise on these high and crucial standards and commits to fully inform their clients. This besides offering the most attractive prices thanks to our unique business model.

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