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Why does BAUNAT have the best price/quality for fine diamond jewellery?

We invest in outstanding quality (in materials as well as design and finishing touch), but also in efficiency and do everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries. No expensive marketing campaigns, luxurious offices and retail outlets. Our investment will be immediately seen in the BAUNAT diamond jewellery.

BAUNAT is based in Antwerp, renowned since 1447 as world centre of the diamond trade. Over half of the world's diamond trade takes place in Antwerp. The families behind BAUNAT have selected their diamonds directly from the best suppliers of the world since over 100 years.

BAUNAT buys its diamonds directly from the source, and sells its exquisite diamond jewellery collection on-line and in its offices to the client.

Direct buying and selling, avoiding the middleman, combined with a strict stock management, allows BAUNAT to offer the best and largest selection at the best price-quality ratio.
And last but not least: as more than 90% of our clients buy online (via our 8-lingual E-boutique, where clients can pay in 7 currencies and via a large variety of payment methods), we are able to handle very cost efficiently a fast growing customer base across the world (today BAUNAT sells to more than 50 countries), without having to invest in a large contingent of luxurious retail outlets and corresponding overheads. And this enables us to propose also this same exceptional price-quality to clients who choose to visit us in our showrooms in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Paris or Zurich
In short, BAUNAT promises its clients that its prices are in close correlation with the intrinsic cost of the underlying components & used material of the products on offer.

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