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Diamond wedding rings

For your wedding we selected exceptional high quality jewellery at the best price. Choose in this extensive assortment the wedding rings that best symbolize your love. You can choose between the following diamond wedding rings:  white gold (33 articles), platinum (26 articles), yellow gold (33 articles), red gold (30 articles).

Did not find what you are looking for? Please contact our experts when searching for perfect diamond wedding rings or a tailor made design. They will be pleased to assist you on making your choice.

More information about our diamond wedding rings and different eternity rings can be found at the bottom of this page. 


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A large selection of diamond wedding rings to symbolise your devotion

During a wedding, we witness the celebration of two individuals who choose to be united for life. What better way to symbolise this love and union than with a diamond, which symbolises eternal love and is also known to be a stone of reconciliation. To find the wedding ring of your dreams, browse through our range of diamond wedding rings and choose the wedding ring that will be a true emblem of your love and your lifelong commitment.

Allow yourself a unique wedding by opting for diamond eternity rings

Why not choose for diamond wedding rings that embody the notions of love and commitment to make sure the fates favour your union?  We offer you the possibility to choose your wedding rings from our extensive collection of diamond wedding rings. BAUNAT selects exceptional jewellery of impeccable quality. Our diamond wedding rings are handmade in Belgium and are set with high quality diamonds selected from the world’s greatest diamond dealers. BAUNAT’s atelier is situated in Antwerp, the diamond world capital.

 Our expert and highly skilled jewellers guarantee that your diamond wedding rings are made with the greatest care. Moreover, of you wish to purchase truly unique wedding rings, indulge yourself by ordering tailor-made wedding rings made in the material of your choice and set with diamonds that speak to you.

The wedding ring of your choice, with BAUNAT

Discrete diamond wedding rings in white gold may be in great demand, diamond wedding rings in yellow gold remain the true classic. Rings in red gold, however, have recently emerged as the new trend. Red gold wedding rings are indeed renowned for their originality, as well as their chic and sleek appearance.

On our website, you can also find diamond wedding rings made in platinum, a wise choice, as platinum is proven to be a metal just as noble and durable as gold.

Regarding the model and shape, you can choose as you wish between fully set and half set diamond wedding rings. Though the majority of our wedding rings are set with diamonds, but there are other possible choices as well. You could opt for rubies, sapphires and even emeralds. When choosing your wedding ring, it is also important to consider the shape of the precious stones. You have the possibility to choose from round, oval, princess or pear shaped stones.

You are looking to purchase a wedding ring in white gold, yellow gold, red gold or even platinum? BAUNAT offers you a 20 year quality guarantee as well as a 30 day return policy