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What are the steps from purchase to delivery?

As soon as we have received your payment on our account, we will contact you to confirm this.

After this, we start the artisanal manufacturing process of your jewel in our Antwerp headquarter. Depending on the specific diamond jewel, diamond quality, material and ring size you purchased, the exact period of the production process may vary. If you have a deadline for delivery, please contact a sales representative through

At every step of the way, we will update you on the production process of your diamond jewel. As soon as the production process is finalized, you will be contacted to determine the exact delivery date. At this stage, you can still change the exact delivery address or delivery date. Please note that someone needs to be present at the assigned address the whole day in order to receive the package, since we cannot inform you the exact hour of delivery. We can also deliver your package to your working address, or to someone you trust (friends, family,…). All our deliveries are 100% insured until you sign for the reception.

After the package is delivered, you will be contacted by a BAUNAT representative to confirm the reception of your diamond jewel.

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