Diamond bracelet from the Classics collection
Diamond earrings from the Jafo collection


The ‘BAUNAT Designer Jewellery’ line incorporates collections developed by talented and established Belgian designers and which perfectly reflect BAUNAT’s philosophy. Together with BAUNAT’s creative management, these craftsmen have created highly refined and elegant collections of diamonds and jewelry that represent inner beauty and elegance. Each collection radiates ‘timeless’ beauty. The 'BAUNAT Designer Jewellery' collections are exclusively available on www.baunat.com.
The ‘BAUNAT Classics’ line gathers together our ‘classic’ pieces. From a timeless engagement ring through to a simple bracelet or romantic earrings… the Classics line is developed by BAUNAT’s internal creative team. Here again, the company chose to manufacture the items in Belgium, guaranteeing a constant and full quality control, and underlining BAUNAT’s quest for perfection.

In 'Bestsellers & New Arrivals' you can find a selection of the best-selling diamonds and jewellery pieces of the last couple of months, as well as the items that recently have been added to the existing collections. These ‘New Arrivals’ have been created by Belgian designers or selected by BAUNAT’s internal creative team and contribute in their own specific way to the ‘timeless’ inner beauty BAUNAT represents.