More and more products are being bought online nowadays; from books to washing machines, from gala dresses to kitchen robots. Anything can be found in a web shop somewhere. So why buy diamond jewellery online? It is safe, quick and you have an extensive selection to choose from. Moreover, at BAUNAT you can rely on insured delivery and fast delivery times.

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The advantages of buying diamond jewellery online

There are many advantages to buying diamond jewellery via the website of a recognised jeweller:

  • Buying diamonds online is 30-50% cheaper, which means jewellery is also cheaper online

  • The transactions are encrypted using technology, so it is 100% secure

  • Digital stock is larger, so you have more choice

  • The delivery is insured and arrives in beautiful gift wrapping

  • It makes diamond jewellery accessible to all

  • With our extensive online guides we help you to choose the right jewellery in the right size

Why is it cheaper to buy diamond jewellery online?

You can buy diamond jewellery online that looks the same and is set with the same high-quality diamonds as in a physical shop, and yet you pay 30% to 50% less online. How is that possible? First and foremost: efficient stock management. Always having a large stock available, organising exclusive trade fairs, investing in expensive marketing campaigns and promoting and maintaining branches at exclusive locations costs handfuls of money. You notice the effect of eliminating the operating costs of a physical shop in the price tag for online jewellery. An additional pricing element is the long journey the diamonds take to get to the jewellers.

See the advantages of buying diamond jewellery online

Jewellery maker at work At BAUNAT you can also buy diamond jewellery online that has been made by specialist craftsmen

Why can't physical jewellers compete with online diamond jewellers?

Jewellery and diamonds sold online are therefore of the same quality as those on offer in physical shops. Purchasing directly from the source in combination with direct sales via the internet and not having expensive shops explains the price difference. On top of that, BAUNAT manages its stock efficiently. You notice that in your wallet, too. For us, efficient stock management means we only start producing your jewellery when you have ordered and paid for it.
This means we don't have to have stock in house which, as you have just read, you actually also help pay for at physical shops holding large stock levels. All possible jewellery can be viewed online and when you have made your selection, your favourite piece of jewellery is immediately handcrafted for you. Efficient and specialist craftsmanship! And if you would prefer to see bracelets, rings or earrings in real life before buying online, then you can always make an appointment at a BAUNAT showroom, such as the one in Antwerp's diamond district.
The more intermediaries handling a diamond, the more you pay as the final consumer
Antwerp's diamond neighbourhood is the international centre for people who are looking for diamonds. This epicentre may only be 1 km2 in size, but a visit to Antwerp's diamond district is definitely worth your while.

Is it safe to buy diamonds online?

Woman buys earrings online via laptop from BAUNAT
Naturally, you only buy diamonds online if you also get the necessary guarantees concerning the quality of the jewellery, proper delivery and a secure payment environment. Nowadays, the various payment systems are so advanced that they are very safe. You can therefore confidently buy and pay online. Thanks to SSL technology you are assured of the most advanced security standards. The technology encrypts all transaction data as soon as you enter your card details or confirm the payment.

How can you trust you are making a good online purchase?

When buying diamond jewellery online via a website, just keep these five steps in mind:

  • Choose a reliable jeweller, which can be recognised by the certificates on the website and customer reviews.
  • Only buy diamond jewellery that is accompanied by a certificate issued by a recognised lab such as IGI, GIA and HRD.
  • Read up on the 4Cs of diamonds, so that you know the quality of the chosen diamond.
  • Take your time to choose the right diamond cut and setting for your jewellery.
  • Only deal with a jeweller who supports and advises you when you need their assistance.

The experts in our showrooms will help you to choose suitable diamond jewellery
Were you aware that you can combine buying diamond jewellery online with a visit to a private showroom? A private showroom is an exceptional place. At BAUNAT, we are more than ready to carefully assist our customers with their purchase. You can count on our personal attention, as well as on additional information about our products (besides the information in our diamond jewellery catalogue) at our own showrooms in Antwerp and in other global cities. The following five reasons explain what makes buying exclusive jewellery in a private showroom an unforgettable experience:

Make your appointment at a BAUNAT showroom now

  1. Keep the secret. In a superb environment, you can look for a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond earrings to give as a gift, and you will be able to keep that upcoming engagement or birthday gift a secret. No unwanted passers-by will catch you buying diamond jewellery.

  2. Highly personal advice. During an appointment, which takes an average of an hour, you have the full and undivided attention of a diamond expert. The diamond jewellery advisor will share their experience and knowledge of diamonds with you and will take the time to answer all your questions.

  3. Try everything on. Would you like to try on that delicate diamond necklace instead of buying it online? During you visit, an exceptional collection of fine diamond rings, earrings and necklaces will be displayed at your request.

  4. Customisation. A diamond expert will assist you in your search for that unique one-of-a-kind piece. In your quest for unique jewellery, an expert will listen to all your wishes and requirements of the diamond, the desired design and your budget. The exclusive and calm environment will enable you to think creatively.

  5. Extremely competitive prices. Through the efficient combination of online purchasing and our own showrooms, BAUNAT succeeds in maintaining the best global prices for certified diamond jewellery.

Woman shows a ring to a jewellery expert. At BAUNAT, you combine buying diamond jewellery online with personal advice

The advantages of specialist assistance with your purchase

Because you make an appointment to visit our showroom in advance, we are able to offer you an unforgettable experience. You receive the undivided attention and assistance of an expert. This means you can ask as many questions as you like. Do you find it difficult to buy diamond jewellery online because you don't recognise the differences in diamond quality? We will be more than happy to show you the differences. Are you unsure about the various diamond shapes? We answer all your questions and show you various examples.

What can you expect from your online purchase from BAUNAT?

BAUNAT represents certified quality at the best possible price. By choosing from our premium precious metals and underpinned by BAUNAT's years of garnered expertise, you acquire diamond jewellery of outstanding quality. Fewer intermediaries and limited overheads mean we can offer you competitively priced diamond jewellery. After all, we invest in efficiency and in expertise.

With an extensive jewellery collection, and jewellery designers Belgian born and bred crafting by hand in the diamond capital Antwerp, we are the ultimate partner for all your diamond gift requirements. Our Antwerp-based specialists respect traditions and boast the technical know-how in crafting top quality jewellery. Which is why we can offer you an extraordinary 20 year product guarantee.
Delivery tracking on your smartphone. You can follow your order when you decide to order jewellery online from BAUNAT
Your BAUNAT jewellery if usually delivered within 7 working days in Belgium and most other European countries. If the jewellery is being sent to a non-European country, you should keep in mind a delivery time of 10 days. If you choose your own design within the customisation option, then you should keep in mind that it can take 4 weeks. Whatever the case, you can follow your package at all times. And don't forget: from the day of receipt, you can return your jewellery at no cost within 30 days.
Diamond ring exhibited with the accompanying certificate - BAUNAT


This working method demands trust. To confidently buy diamond jewellery online, you can rely on various guarantees. We have already mentioned to look out for positive customer reviews from other users and the certificates issued by the gemological laboratories such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) or IGI (International Gemological Institute). At BAUNAT we reinforce that trust with an additional benefit: a 20 year product guarantee. We actually go a step further by insuring your delivery up until you receive the jewellery. BAUNAT bears the insurance costs and does not charge them to you.
Woman with laptop buys diamond jewellery online from BAUNAT

Extensive collections

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Or do you want to spoil yourself with beautiful jewellery? An advantage of an online web shop for diamonds is that there are no space limitations. Are you looking for classic jewellery? Or something totally contemporary? Or something in between, like vintage jewellery? Affordable or highly exclusive? Everything is nicely divided into various categories. Choosing and then buying the chosen diamond jewellery is a matter of a few clicks of the mouse. The many filter options are presented visually and help you to refine your choice so you can find what you want from the extensive collection in no time at all.
In the BAUNAT design collections you will find the most original and modern creations from Belgian soil. Elisa Schepens is one of our widely praised designers. With her sister Helena she designed the Solé collection and the Licio collection after winning the BAUNAT competition for upcoming talent in 2009, just like Anne Zelien.
The large variety of styles and models means it is possible to buy high-quality diamond jewellery within a certain theme or for a specific occasion
The sun and nature are the main feature of these collections. But we also have other themes in our design collections. Each designer and collection tell their own story.
Buy diamond jewellery online? Here you can see BAUNAT's protective packaging
Would you like to buy diamond jewellery online and give it to a loved one? All BAUNAT jewellery is wrapped in a gorgeous, stylish pouch, including a BAUNAT jewellery box, jewellery bag, guarantee certificate, the certificate of authenticity from GIA IDI or HRD and a jewellery polishing cloth. The packaging not only provides the best possible protection during delivery, but it is also exceptionally suitable as gift wrapping. We also agreed on a suitable delivery date with you. Perfect when you want the jewellery to be a surprise.
Various goldsmith's hallmarks

Honest and high-quality materials

When you browse the various collections, you will probably notice that you can choose between various gold alloys and platinum. Platinum is called a royal precious metal for good reason. When you buy diamond jewellery online, whether it is gold or platinum jewellery, you should check the hallmark. A hallmark is a quality label that provides guarantees about the amount and quality of the precious metals in the alloy. The hallmark is therefore protection for you against fraud and for traders against dishonest competition.
Let's just go back to the aforementioned certificate of authenticity for diamonds. They are not only important to confirm the quality of the precious stone but also to combat blood diamonds.
At BAUNAT, we work exclusively with clean diamonds, both literally as well as figuratively. You are thus always assured honest and high-quality precious stones
Even though according to international estimates, 1% of diamonds still come from illegal practices, you will not find any being sold by a recognised diamond seller. They work exclusively with diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process.

The returns policy for online purchases of diamond jewellery

Customers are the priority at BAUNAT. When you buy diamond jewellery online from us, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. You received your delivery but had other expectations? From that time, you have no fewer than 30 days to exchange the jewellery or to get a refund. All you need to do is fill in the returns form after which we will contact you by phone or email to make further arrangements.
One of BANUAT's showrooms

Global showrooms

Did you know that you can combine your business trip or holiday with a visit to a BAUNAT showroom? As we have said, we don't invest in shops. And yet, we would be more than happy to meet you in person and assist you with buying diamond jewellery online. That is why we have showrooms in numerous global cities. So, not only will you find a BAUNAT showroom in Antwerp but also in other countries, such as France and even in Hong Kong.
Let one of our experts help you with choosing diamond jewellery. You can make an appointment in one of our global showrooms or even chat online for advice. Then you can be assured that you buy the right jewellery, with the right jewellery size, precious metal and diamond. We can also assist you with designing your own jewellery and we can answer all your other questions.

Would you like to read more about where you buy diamonds?

Now you have been reassured and know that you can safely buy diamonds online, how do you get started? Read all about how you choose the right jewellery or get an expert to help you. Additionally, you can always make an appointment at one of our showrooms. Read more about buying diamonds below.
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