BAUNAT is a Belgian diamond jewellery brand with an international reputation. Founded in 2008, we immediately distinguished ourselves in the luxury landscape with a well-defined digital strategy that breaks free of the traditional distribution chain.

A straightforward approach

A piece of jewellery is often linked to a feeling or a special moment. Think of a wedding ring, a unique gift or an heirloom passed on from mother to daughter. The emotional value of a jewel might be priceless, but its intrinsic value can be calculated. For this reason, we have made a conscious decision to adopt a straightforward approach and apply it to every facet of our business, meaning you will always pay the correct price for your diamond jewellery.

Thanks to years of experience in the international diamond and jewellery industry, the founders of BAUNAT have been able to build up a wide and privileged network of diamond-cutting companies in Surat (India), the world centre of cut diamonds. Here, we select our diamonds directly at the source so that we not only buy at the best possible price, but can also guarantee the highest quality in cut.
We tread our own path at BAUNAT and launched as a digital native brand in 2008. BAUNAT stems from Beauté Naturelle (French for natural beauty) but written in a shorter, phonetical way so Beau-Nat became BAUNAT. In our international e-boutique you will experience the same excellent service as in our discrete showrooms, where you will be guided one-on-one in your search. 

From the very beginning, we made a conscious decision to offer our jewellery only on demand. After placing your order, your jewellery is handmade in Antwerp. Exclusively for you. In combination with our preference for showrooms over a chain of shops, this results in efficient stock management

A timeless elegance

Our high-end jewellery exudes a sophisticated modesty and is designed by both young and established Belgian designers. Their creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail translates into exceptional designs that showcase the natural beauty of the diamond. The timeless nature of our jewels will be cherished for generations, thus making them a shrewd alternative investment that is impervious to trends.

A superior service

We insist that our customer service is of the same calibre as our jewellery. To ensure that you can shop online for diamond jewellery with confidence, we make time to answer your questions. Via email, phone, chat or WhatsApp, we provide personal and objective advice. This means you won’t just respond emotionally to a piece, but will also understand exactly what you’re investing in.        

Would you prefer to experience the quality of our jewellery first-hand? We would be delighted to make an appointment for you to visit one of our showrooms. Our experts will explain the different diamonds, designs and settings and help you select or compose a unique piece of jewellery. 

A high level of trust

Our smart luxury philosophy resonates with people who appreciate beauty, quality and craftsmanship, and who make thoughtful investments that reflect their values. People with drive, whose dreams are rooted in ambition and determination.

More than 3,000 such people have already left an independent review on Trustpilot. Their testimonials are the most authentic proof of our outstanding quality and personal service. For over five years, BAUNAT has been number one in the category ‘clothing and fashion’ and we maintain our exceptional score.

A sustainable way of working

We strive for an approach that is as sustainable as possible with respect for all the parties involved. Our entire diamond pipeline – from mining to our e-boutique and showrooms – is organised transparently and in collaboration with verified partners. We work exclusively with 18 karat recycled gold, 950 platinum and 100% natural conflict-free diamonds controlled by the Kimberley Process and with a GIA, HRD or IGI certificate.

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