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What is the standard quality of BAUNAT jewellery?

BAUNAT jewels are made of the most imperishable materials, more specifically gold, platinum and diamonds of the best quality, which explains their long-lasting shine. BAUNAT uses certified 95% Platinum, mixed with Ruthenium (some brands speak of Platinum jewellery as of 50%). 

BAUNAT platinum also has a higher melting point and is therefore harder to work with, but the jewel will not lose its lustre and perfectly white colour.

The gold is always 18 carat, whatever the colour (white, yellow, black, brown or pink). This means that it is 75% pure, mixed with silver and copper. This is the highest standard achievable, as a higher concentration of pure gold would make the jewel soft. We of course do not use alloys which would cause irritation.

If you are allergic to a specific material (for example to nickel or cobalt), you can always contact our experts, so that they can advise you in making your choice.

On each BAUNAT jewel, you will find:

The 'BAUNAT' responsibility mark

This legally recognised quality guarantee allows for international identification. The responsibility mark can only be used by BAUNAT NV and was granted on 10/08/2008 by the Royal Belgian Mint following a strict selection process (intellectual property deposit number 0849130). This mark is the proof that you have a real BAUNAT jewel.

The hallmark

This mark guarantees the quality of the noble metals used:

  • ​exclusively 18 karat gold (75% gold), alloy 'Au750'
  • exclusively Platinum 950 (95% platinum), alloy 'Pt950 

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