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What is the standard quality of BAUNAT jewellery?

Buying online jewellery from BAUNAT means buying jewellery made from the most durable and certified materials. Your gold, platinum and diamond jewellery are always of the best quality and they keep their shine exceptionally long.

Which gold does BAUNAT use?

Our gold is always 18 carat, regardless of whether you opt for white, yellow or red gold. This means that the alloy consists of 75% pure gold, mixed with silver or copper. When you decide to buy jewellery online from BAUNAT, you can be sure of the highest possible standard. After all, a higher degree of pure gold would make your jewellery too weak. Of course, we do not use alloys that cause irritation.

However, if you have an allergic reaction to materials such as nickel or cobalt, you can contact our experts for tailor-made advice or purchase jewellery made from hypoallergenic platinum.

Which platinum does BAUNAT use?

Some brands say their jewellery is platinum when it contains only 50% platinum. BAUNAT always uses certified 95% pure platinum, mixed with ruthenium. Our platinum also has a higher melting point, which complicates the production process but increases the durability.

Your platinum jewellery can thus not lose its metallic shine and perfect white colour over time.

What is a content stamp?

A content stamp is a quality mark that protects the consumer against fraud and the jeweller against unfair competition. By including a content stamp in our jewellery, you can be sure of the quantity and quality of the precious metals used in the alloy when buying jewellery online. The content stamps used are:

  • 'au750' for gold: only 18-carat gold (= 75% gold)
  • 'pt950' for platinum: only platinum 950 (= 95% platinum)

What does the BAUNAT master stamp stand for?

When buying jewellery from BAUNAT online, you may notice that the 'BAUNAT master stamp' is also included in some product photos. This legally recognized quality guarantee may be used by BAUNAT only and was granted to us on 10 August 2008 by the Royal Mint of Belgium (depot number for intellectual property 0849130), after a strict selection procedure.

Do you have additional questions about the quality of our jewellery or about buying jewellery online ? Contact our experts via telephone, e-mail or chat.

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