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Do a lot of people purchase diamond jewellery online?

The very first e-commerce websites for diamond jewellery were launched about ten years ago. Nowadays, there are a lot of diamond jewellery e-commerce businesses; altogether they form the fastest growing category in the sector. Blue Nile - the pioneer ( – alone generates around $ 300 million a year. Depending on the sources, the worldwide jewellery e-commerce sales reaches about 4 to 5 billion US dollar (on a total of 75-80 billion US dollar). E.g. in 2009 (economically a very difficult year) the sub segment jewellery e-commerce sales displayed a growth, and even a fairly more significant growth than other e-commerce industries, this due to the upwards movement in the diamond jewellery industry. This trend is also occurring in all the important consumer markets (Europe, Middle East, Japan, Russia, China, India and Brazil).

This trend has been confirmed the last couple of years, and all studies anticipate a further growth in the jewellery e-commerce industry, as opposed to classic (bricks and mortar) jewellers (such as CartierTiffany & CoBoucheronDe BeersVan Cleef & ArpelsChopardPiagetBulgari,…). It is vital to know that this trend persists in Europe, as several American websites (,...) also gravitate towards the European continent, furthermore numerous European diamond jewellery e-shop are being established.

At the moment, BAUNAT is the only online diamond jewellery brand, that well considered, offers all her diamond jewellery and collections (at her multilingual e-boutique without middlemen or retail points (with the exception of our showrooms).

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