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Why can BAUNAT offer the best price/quality for high quality jewels?

The city of Antwerp, where BAUNAT is located, is since 1447 renowned as the qualitative world centre of the diamond trade. Today Antwerp possesses more than 50% of the shares in the diamond trade worldwide.

The people behind BAUNAT select since more than 100 years directly out of the highest quality and largest diamond resources that are available in the world. Intermediaries are avoided in this direct purchase and sale process, combine this with an efficient stock management, which makes it possible for BAUNAT to offer a better and larger choice at the best price/quality ratio. The diamonds are bought directly at the source by BAUNAT and one can purchase this high-quality diamond jewellery online or by appointment in a BAUNAT showroom.

BAUNAT is building a fast growing customer base around the world in a cost-efficient way (BAUNAT sells today in more than 50 countries) as more than 90% of its customers buy online (through our 8-language E-boutique, where customers can pay in 7 currencies and via a wide range of payment methods). All this is accomplished without investing in luxury retail outlets and corresponding overheads. This gives BAUNAT the possibility to offer diamond jewellery at an exceptional price-quality to its customers who choose to visit the showrooms in Antwerp & Paris.

At BAUNAT, there is a commitment towards the clients to highlight the strong connection that exists between the prices of the offered products with the intrinsic cost of the underlying components and the materials used for the jewellery.

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