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Does BAUNAT provide HCA scores?

Many people, who purchase high quality diamonds online, come along certain tools to assist them with their choice. One such tool is the HCA score or ‘Holloway Cut Advisor’. Developed in the year 2000, the HCA tool is called a ‘performance predictor’ by some people.

However, it is advised to use it to only reject certain diamonds and narrow down your selection. Please do not use it for final selection; it will never replace an independent appraisal by a certifying laboratory, which is a lot more valuable.

BAUNAT does not provide HCA scores

BAUNAT does not provide HCA scores since the HCA tool has no legitimate, proven basis on which it can build a trustworthy reputation for assessing the optical performance of a round brilliant cut diamond.

The pitfalls of the HCA:

The HCA is a tool that simply does not have the resources of international grading laboratories. Therefore its workings are not as technologically advanced nor as complete as an appraisal by independent agency such as GIA, HRD or IGI.

Furthermore, the HCA does not take into account the symmetry of a diamond, its polish and minor facet data. The HCA assumes a perfectly symmetrical diamond which is a huge flaw.

The cut quality is the only aspect of the diamond that can be controlled by man. When considering the fact that we are in fact cutting the hardest known material on earth, it is safe to say small deviations from the ideal form need to be accepted and more importantly they need to be taken into account.

Why BAUNAT will never work with HCA scores:

1. The Holloway Cut Adviser cannot eliminate diamonds that have been cut for weight retention.

A professional diamond cutter always cuts for maximum brilliance. He will not compromise cut quality for carat weight. However, many diamonds on the market have been cut in such a way to gain extra carat, which will have an influence on the proportions and the final brilliance.

The HCA tool cannot eliminate these diamonds. This is simply not what this tool was made for. It is a weeding tool when reviewing numerous diamonds of the same overall specifications. This is not a selection tool.

2. The HCA compiles its results based on average values for the proportions and angles.

The HCA assumes a perfectly symmetrical diamond which is an obvious flaw. The proportions and angles are so important, that even small deviations (< 1 degree) can have a tremendous impact. Any system that flattens out these deviations by averaging values will generate unrealistic results.

3. Minor facets (lower girdle, upper girdle and star facets) do not affect results.

These minor facets do have an effect on the brilliance of the diamond. A diamond with a shorter lower girdle facet length will show broad streaks of light whereas one with a longer girdle facet length will show pointed flashes of light.

4. A complete disregard of the effect of other specifications.

The tool does not account for the clarity grade of the diamond. It is impossible to, based solely on averaged dimensions of the diamond, asses the effect of impurities on the brilliance of the diamond.

These matters can only be assessed by experienced diamond graders and under controlled lighting conditions. For more information you can read up on grading cut quality of round brilliant diamonds.

Guarantee of Quality

The best indicator of the optical performance of a diamond is the quality of the cut. A Very Good Cut round brilliant diamond will reflect nearly 85% of the light that can enter the diamond. An Excellent cut diamond will reflect between 90 and 95% of the light that enters the diamond.

BAUNAT offers only diamonds that have a minimum cut quality of VG. This means we select our diamonds out the top 15% of gem quality diamonds available worldwide, ensuring top quality. Our purchasers buy your diamond at the source, selecting the best quality possible. With over a 100 years of combined experience, their know-how is the most trustworthy guarantee for an optimal performing round brilliant cut diamond.

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