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  • 30 days return
  • Most deliveries within 7 working days
  • Free and insured shipping
  • Handmade in Antwerp
  • 5/5 on Trustpilot

Can I create a tailor-made jewel?

Besides the standard jewels that we offer on our website, clients also have the possibility to create a tailor-made jewel. We offer two types of personalization:

- Personalization of the design

- Personalization of the diamonds used(diamond size, quality, use of gemstones, …)

1. Personalization of the design

BAUNAT gives you the opportunity to work together with our experts to create tailor-made jewellery exactly according to your wishes. You can do this by either giving a personal touch to a standard jewel from our website, or on the basis of your own design, an idea or a picture.

In case you would be interested, please contact us and give us the following information:

- Picture or rough sketch of the design
- In case of a ring: ring size
- Material to be used: 18Kt white gold, 18Kt yellow gold, 18Kt red gold, 950 platinum
- Amount of diamonds, diamond size(s) and quality
- Estimation of your budget

Below you can find more information regarding the steps of creating a tailor-made design:

1. Your input, our quote

Based on the information that you provided, we will send you a quotation by e-mail. Within this tailor-made approach, BAUNAT also guarantees to offer the best possible price for high-quality jewellery.

2. Visualization in 3D

Once you agree to the quotation provided by BAUNAT, we will send you a number of 3D images of your design, created using CAD software. These 3D images will give you a perfect idea of what the diamond jewel will look like in reality. For these drawings, you need to calculate approximately 1 working week after reception of your payment.

3. The artisans

After your agreement on the 3D drawings, experienced artisans start the fabrication process of your jewel using traditional methods. Our experts will need approximately 3 working weeks to finalize your tailor-made jewel.

4. Your precious

The final result will be a magnificent jewel, one-of-a-kind and created according to your personal style and wishes.

2. Personalization of the used diamonds

In case you have seen a design on our website that you are interested in, but would like to change the diamonds, we can send you a personal quotation.

You can choose to change the diamond size(s), the quality of the diamond (higher quality than standard listed on our website), or you can change the diamonds to gemstones (rubies, emeralds, sapphires etc.).

When contacting us for a quotation, please mention the following information:

- Specific design that you have seen on our website (article code)
- Diamond/gemstone size
- Quality of diamond/gemstone
- Any other changes that you would like to make
- Estimation of your budget

Another diamond shape is also possible, but then we will also need to change the design (chaton) of the jewel.

In case you would like to receive a quotation for a tailor made jewel, don’t hesitate to contact our experts, we will be happy to assist you.

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