What is your future wife's ring size? To buy the perfect engagement ring, you must measure the ring size. This doesn't have to be too difficult and you don’t have to worry about where to get the ring sized – you could even get it sized at home. With the help of one of her current rings, you can easily find out her ring size. You can use an app or order the BAUNAT ring sizer. But there are also other ways to determine ring size. In this article, the experts at BAUNAT share all the tips you need to buy an engagement ring in the right ring size.

  • Measure the inside of another ring that fits using a measuring tape. Be precise to the millimeter!
  • Use an app like the Ringsize App. Available to download from GooglePlay or AppStore.
  • Take the ring to a jeweller.
  • Use a paper ring sizer or a plastic ring sizer

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How do I determine the ring size by using one of her rings?

Measure the inner diameter yourself

Does your partner have a ring that she often wears and that you know fits her perfectly? Then there are various ways that you can subtly ascertain her ring size. Place the ring on a ruler and read the inner diameter (not the outside!) and do this very precisely, to the millimeter. Then use a comparative size table to determine the right ring size in your country.

Use the table below of average ring sizes for women to see which diameter corresponds to BAUNAT's sizes. Or download the full chart for an overview of all circumferences.
BAUNAT België maatBinnenomtrek in mm
47 15,0
48 15,3
49 15,6
50 16,0
51 16,3
52 16,6
53 17,0
54 17,2
55 17,5
56 17,8
57 18,1
58 18,4
59 18,8

Use a smartphone app

Another way that you can discover her ring size at home is by using technology. There are many apps that can help you with ring sizing. Have a look in the App Store - such as the Ringmaat app - or Google Play Store - such as the Ringsize app.

Put one of her favourite rings on the screen and simply read the size from the screen of your smartphone. Check carefully which sizing system the app uses.
If necessary, compare the sizes in the app with the sizes in your country

Take a ring to a jeweller

A final and very reliable way to determine the size of her engagement ring is to make an appointment with your jeweller. Take one or several of her rings with you or draw the inner diameter on a piece of paper if she can't be without her ring. They can then use professional equipment to measure her current ring size. You will discover her size and can immediately look for the beautiful ring that will take her breath away.

Make an appointment at a BAUNAT showroom now.

How do I determine the ring size without one of her other rings?

Does your partner not really have a ring that fits her perfectly? Or do you know that her current rings might not be the right size, due to weight loss or pregnancy? Then you will have to be a little more inventive in order to measure her ring size without a ring.

Perhaps you can enlist the help of one of her girlfriends? Women often try on each other's rings to see if the style and size suit them. Ask her best friend whether she has a ring that she knows will also fit around the finger of your beloved. Or maybe they are the same size and you can simply measure her friend's finger with a ring sizer.

A final, creative option is observing whether she occasionally ties another object around her finger. Perhaps she sometimes plays with a hair tie or a ribbon that she wraps around her finger when she is nervous? Or another circular object that can be found in her desk? Or, have her jokingly put on a plastic toy ring belonging to your little niece or from a gumball machine. Subtlety is key here, because female intuition is never off duty!
Use the BAUNAT ring sizer to determine your ring size.

How do I measure her ring size with a ring sizer?

If your partner knows that she is going to be getting a beautiful ring, then the ring sizer is the simplest way to determine her ring size. This sizer is also highly suitable for the two of you to determine the sizes for your wedding rings.

You can accurately measure the ring size with a paper ring sizer or a plastic ring sizer. First, you decide which finger the ring will be worn upon. Slide the ring sizer over that finger until it fits comfortably, so it is not too loose but also not too tight. You can then simply read the size of the ring.

Order your own ring sizer now

Print out the paper version so you can easily measure her ring size at home. Or contact us to order a plastic ring sizer. We will send you the ring sizer by post free of charge. Tip: Watch our instructional video on how to use the ring sizer correctly
Do you want to measure the ring size of an engagement ring without a ring? BAUNAT can help.

How else can I measure her ring size?

A simple way to measure your ring size is by determining the circumference of the specific finger. Use a piece of string, a paper or a synthetic ring sizer to measure the circumference in mm. Consult a size chart to see which ring size corresponds with your finger circumference.
Pass this information on to your jeweller who in turn will design our ring.
Thanks to professional measuring instruments, used by most jewellers, the size of the ring can be determined with ease. A ring sizer mandrel is an elongated wooden or metal instrument with a narrow and a wide end and the various circumferences marked along its length. A set of rings consists of metal rings in all sizes which can be tried on in turn until one of them really fits well.
A ring sizer mandrel is an elongated wooden or metal instrument with a narrow and a wide end and the various circumferences marked along its length
A jeweller at BAUNAT uses a mandrel to determine your ring size.
As a private individual, it usually would not interest you to purchase such aids yourself, but feel free to visit your BAUNAT jeweller. They can determine your ring size professionally and then immediately assist you in choosing your jewellery.

Contact your BAUNAT expert

When and how is best to measure her ring size?

Did you know that there is a noticeable difference between the size of your fingers in the morning compared to the evening? That difference is of course not visible to the naked eye, but for a custom-made ring, millimeter precision is essential. Follow our tips to ensure that your beloved can wear her ring comfortably:

  • It is preferable to measure ring size in the evening. Generally speaking, your body temperature will be slightly higher, and your hands will be more warmed up. This makes the circumference slightly larger.

  • However, avoid salty foods, hot drinks and strenuous exercise just before measuring. These factors can affect the swelling of the fingers.

  • Is your partner pregnant, but will wear the ring after delivery? Then keep in mind that her fingers will have a slightly narrower circumference again after pregnancy.

 Woman's hand with engagement ring in average women's ring size - BAUNAT

What is the average ring size for a woman?

The average ring size for women is between 16 and 17.8 millimetres. For men, the average is above 21 millimetres. If you do not know the size, we do not recommend taking a gamble. Try some of the tips above to measure the ring size as precisely as possible. To be certain, you should also measure on several occasions and at different times.
If you cannot ascertain her ring size exactly to the millimeter, it is better to estimate slightly larger rather than smaller. That way, you will definitely be able to slide the ring onto her finger. It would be a shame if, in the big moment, she wasn't able to admire the stunning diamond engagement ring on her finger. Equally, it is somewhat easier to make a ring a size smaller than a size larger.
You can have your ring resized at BAUNAT.

Can a jeweller resize my ring to make it larger or smaller?

Depending on the design, material and size difference, an experienced diamond expert can ensure that the ring fits perfectly, even after purchase. Never try to resize your ring yourself! There is a real chance that you will permanently damage your precious jewellery.
In principle, your ring can be resized to be up to 3 ring sizes larger or smaller. On the condition that it is a simple design. The more complex the ring, the more limited the possibilities. Making a ring bigger is also more difficult than making a ring smaller.

Read about how a diamond ring is made here

First, the ring must be cut open so that a piece of the right precious metal can be inserted. The ring is then soldered, cleaned and polished. The procedure must not leave any visible seams or dents. If your ring is not soldered properly, this will cause a weak spot in your jewellery.

To make a ring smaller, a small piece of precious metal is removed from the band. Then, just like the process of enlarging a ring, the piece is soldered, cleaned and polished.
 Put a ring that fits well in front of a ring that is slightly too large so as not to lose it - BAUNAT
But perhaps such an intervention is not even necessary. After all, there are some handy tricks that can allow you to still wear a ring that is slightly too big. Have you ever tried putting another ring that fits well in front of the ring that is too big? This helps to hold the oversized ring in place. It is also possible for small sizing beads to be added to the inside of the ring.

At BAUNAT you can easily order a custom-made ring or even fully design your own. That way, you always know for certain that it is the right ring size.

How much will it cost to resize a ring?

It is not possible to communicate a standard price for resizing a ring. The price depends on various factors:

  • The precious metal used: for example, it is much easier and cheaper to resize a gold ring than a platinum ring

  • The number of precious stones

  • The number of sizes that the ring needs to be resized

The more complex the ring, the more work the jeweller will have to do and the more the resizing will cost. Some designs, such as the eternity ring, which is set with diamonds all the way around, are impossible to resize due to their complexity. It is therefore advisable to determine the right ring size in advance.

Tip: If you still want to resize your BAUNAT ring during the production process, contact our jewellery experts straight away.

How can I buy her engagement ring safely online?

Order an engagement ring in the right ring size online - BAUNAT
Were you able to determine her ring size? Well done! Now comes the next phase: searching for her perfect engagement ring. Before you buy the ring, we recommend that you seek out some inspiration and advice online. On jewellery websites you will find different styles, designs and informative blogs with practical tips from experts about choosing that one special ring that is sure to make her say "yes".
Purchasing your wedding and engagement ring online is not only fast, it is also economical. These jewellery items are not displayed in a showroom, which means that the price of the item does not include as many indirect costs. When you shop for your engagement ring online, you pay between 30% and 50% less than in a physical store.

Please note that the ring size may be different in different countries. You will therefore have to convert the ring size to the ring sizes that BAUNAT uses. Because this isn't so straightforward, you can easily find the differences in this table.

Are you ready to ask her the big question with a magnificent, custom-made engagement ring? Would you like professional advice on measuring the ring size? Choose from the diamond engagement rings in the BAUNAT collection or ask our diamond and jewellery experts for advice.

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We have now given you several tips on determining ring size. Both with the help of other rings and without. Would you like to delve deeper into the world of diamond rings? Find out more below.
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