The Jubilee Ruby

After seeing the results and reading about the magnificent Jubilee ruby ring that sold at auction last week, we couldn’t not be inspired by the beauty of this ruby and diamond ring and its wonderful combination of vivid reddish pink and whites.

The Jubilee Ruby ring was sold at Christie’s last week for a whopping 14.165.000$. It is actually the most important ruby of its calibre that was offered for sale at auction in the United States for over twenty-five years.

It is composed of an exceedingly rare oval shaped Burmese ruby, with unprecedented clarity and a vivid colour, weighing a total of 15.99 ct. This breath taking centre stone is surrounded by a myriad of beautiful diamonds that can only enhance thus more this magnificent ring.

Daring colours now that summer is coming

With this ruby and diamond ring in mind, and the fact that summer, although it may not seem just yet, is around the corner, one can only wish for vivid colours.

Stunning contrasts of colour combined with the fire of diamonds are the perfect fusion for warm sunny days. Ruby is one of several gemstones one can choose from who have a vivid hue, along with for example sapphires, emeralds and garnets. Jewellery with rubin, sapphire and emerald are a truly special gift.

We believe that these stones, although absolutely magnificent in their own right, as they are being set in a ring, should be enhanced or embraced by other gemstones and in particular diamonds.

Diamonds as an essential part of a design

Diamonds with their fire, their brilliance and their unique characteristics, are the perfect partners for these types of designs.

You may choose a halo design where the coloured gemstone is at the centre and it is surrounded by diamonds, or maybe a trilogy ring where one different stone would be set after another creating a river of colours, or a more elaborate design with diamonds floating like stars in the sky in the midst of coloured gemstones.

At BAUNAT we strive to be able to fulfil all of your desires in terms of the design, gemstones and diamonds you may wish to purchase. Whether you prefer a large astounding ruby and diamond ring like the one that was sold at auction last week or a diamond ring set with coloured gemstones, both options as well as other designs you may have in mind can be the perfect vivid summer combination to enliven your day.

We would be delighted to help you with your search for the perfect design for you or your loved one.

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