Diamond cutting is the step in the production process that turns a rough diamond into a sparkling gem. This is a highly specialized craft that requires tedious precision of a trained expert. An experienced cutter has the knowledge and the tools to cut the diamond of your dreams.

How does this work exactly? Let’s take a look behind the scenes. Before any diamond can be cut, the shape is decided. What shape would you prefer? Round, princess, cushion, pear shaped or oval, … ? Diamond is the hardest mineral and can therefore only be cut by diamond. These days, most cutting tools are at least partly mechanical, such as disks covered with diamond grit. Lasers for example, are used for cleaving diamonds and bruiting. The full process is divided in 5 steps: planning, cleaving, bruiting, polishing and inspection. It is a time-consuming process because this will determine the final value of the rough stone.

During the planning phase, they try to find what shapes should be cut from the rought stone to minimize excess cuttings and maximize profits.

A Sarin machine determines the dimensions of the rough stone in order to display the best cutting options in 3D.

If you want to cut multiple smaller diamonds out of one large rough stone, then the rough stone needs to be cleaved into smaller parts first. The diamond is cleaved with mechanical saws and lasers.

The separated parts are rounded after cleaving, this is called bruting. Two rough diamonds are placed in opposite directions of a spinning axis. The friction generated between these two diamonds nicely rounds both stones.

At this point it is possible to create the facets. Polishing is divided in two steps: blocking and brillianteering. Blocking is in fact creating a pattern that is used during brillianteering to finish the job and adding the facets. This is a very important step, if not the most important, since it decides the appearance and sparkle of the polished diamond.

Finally, the polished stone is inspected to ensure compliance with rigid international standards. Rest assured, the experts of BAUNAT only select diamonds of the highest quality. Their expertise guarantees the vivid fire of your diamond is. 

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