You want something truly out of the ordinary for your second engagement, that represents a theme or thing that your fiancé-to-be loves? Why not simply choose a Tailor Made design and have your very own ring designed & created by you with a graphic designer and jewellery specialist.

  • Cons of Tailor Made
  • Pros of Tailor Made

Cons of Tailor Made

Just like for many original ideas, there are a couple of cons to having your engagement ring tailor made, and these are cost and time.

Time is an important aspect, because the process of tailor making does usually take a few weeks so if you were planning on proposing at a particular moment or occasion, you need to check your calendar and see how much time you have ahead of you.

Tailor making your very own engagement ring means that you need to: a) do some research on existing designs and either bring a sketch or photo of the styles you like, b) contact a jewellery specialist, c) decide the material, stones you wish to use and finally d) the budget you wish to spend. Once you have all this, the ring goes into manufacturing, and this way your ring will be ready in approximately 4 weeks.

After the question of time comes the issue of cost. The cost of having a design entirely made to suit your tastes is at BAUNAT not extremely higher compared to a standard engagement ring available on the website. It is, however, important to know what your limit is and try to remain within the budget you planned to avoid any surprises. Should you have doubts, don’t hesitate to discuss this with your jeweller as they can highlight the possible alternatives.

Pros of Tailor Made

The pros on the other hand are numerous and are very much linked to the emotional and sentimental value a tailor made ring brings with it.

With an engagement ring that you have designed for your loved one, you guarantee that you have thought about it, that it is truly the only ring like that in the world and that it’s just so special. You are basically making sure that your fiancée feels all the creativity, love and effort that you have put in this design for her, for your new life together and that is worth more than anything else.

BAUNAT has an excellent tailor made service with a team of experts and local goldsmiths that are there to support you along the whole process. Just come along with your ideas and creativity and BAUNAT will do the rest.


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