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Can I engrave my watch?

When receiving or gifting a beautiful jewel it’s even more special with a unique engraving from one person to another. It’s very common to engrave an engagement ring or a wedding ring with a name, date or special quote, but is it possible to have an engraving on a watch as well?

For both of BAUNAT’s watch collections, the Italian and Swiss Collection, it’s possible to engrave something personal on the back. The length and place of the engraving can vary depending on the different models in each collection.

The Italian Collection has models comprising of a 35mm and 40mm case, both sizes can be engraved on the back of the watch.

Secondly, the Swiss Collection, can also be engraved but because of its special technology and watchmaking know-how, only the outer circle on the back of the case can carry a special message.

Do you want to engrave your watch to make it more personal, but you don’t know exactly what to write? Here are some ideas:

  • Your wedding or engagement date
  • Name of your loved one and wedding date
  • The date of when you and your loved one met
  • Coordinates of where you met your partner or where you got married.
  • Names of yourself and your spouse
  • Small quote such as “It was always you”, “Forever us”, “Happy Birthday to my love”, “Love, always”
  • Date of birth of your child/children

The price of the engraving can vary depending on the type of watch and length of the engraving. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service if you want to have more information about having your BAUNAT watch engraved.

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