Our Team

We are at your disposal to answer all your questions and assist you with your purchase. Our commercial team consists of multiple nationalities and speaks multiple languages. Find your personal advisor below or select one of our showrooms you would like to visit.

Our showrooms

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Amsterdam Branch Manager
Olivia Smulders

Dutch, English

Geneva Branch Manager
Katrien Lescrenier

English, French, German, Dutch

Zurich Branch Manager
Gudrun Malik

German, French, English

Düsseldorf Branch Manager
Johanna Baumgartner

German, English, French, Spanish, Swedish

+49163 5067983
Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Sara Six

Japanese, English, Dutch

Hong Kong Branch Manager
Wanwan Xu

Mandarin, Cantonese, French, English

+852 6060 4420
Wechat: mynameisww
Senior Relationship Manager
Katrien Maes

Mandarin, English, Dutch

Senior Relationship Manager
Sander Michiels

English, French, Dutch, German

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Frédérique Vanhoutte

English, French, Dutch, Spanish

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Gerd van de Vel

English, French, Dutch

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Fabienne Rauw

English, French, Dutch, German

Paris Branch Manager
Jingjing Xu

Mandarin, French, English

Wechat: jingjing75016
Senior Relationship Manager
Chloé Poupon-Dumontet

French, English, Italian

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Sabina Nurbekova

Dutch, English, French, Russian

Diamond Jewellery Advisor
Mathilde Mavel

French, English, Mandarin