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Are the watches water resistant?

BAUNAT has two different collections of watches, each with their own characteristics and specific water resistance: the Italian and Swiss Collection.

First of all, we can explain that the water resistance is measured and indicated by the ATM rating, which refers to the static pressure the watch can withstand. When a watch is held under water, the pressure arises and if too high, can cause the seals to fail and water will enter the watch. The lower the ATM rating, such as 1ATM, the less water pressure the watch can withstand. Even if the ATM reflects that your watch can cope with some water pressure, BAUNAT experts advice to take your watch off before coming in contact with water.

The Italian Collection has a 1ATM indication, which means it’s equipped to withstand accidental water splashes from washing your hands or rainfall, but not suitable to be exposed to a lot of water. Showering or taking a bath are highly unrecommended to ensure the quality of your watch. Featuring both 18kt gold wristbands and leather straps, the user should be careful around water with both types of wristbands.

For the limited-edition Swiss Collection, the watches have a 5ATM indication, which can stand slightly more pressure than the Italian Collection. Theoretically the exceptional watches are suitable or a small amount of water exposure such as washing hands, rainfall and showering. However, BAUNAT advices their customers to take off the watch before deliberately getting their wrists wet to avoid damaging the watch and leather strap. The exclusive alligator leather strap can get stains and loose its glorious aspect when put in contact with too much water.

Even though your watch can withstand a small amount of water pressure, it is better to be safe and avoid any water contact. 

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