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What is the origin of the diamonds in Antwerp?

  • What route do diamonds travel?
  • Where are they most often mined?
  • Where does the importance of a diamond engagement ring come from?

The mysterious appearance of diamonds should not mean that their origins need to stay a secret too. Approximately 80% of all rough diamonds in the world pass through Antwerp. But where in the world do they come from? And how did the tradition of adding diamonds to an engagement ring arise?

What route do diamonds travel?

Diamonds have a long way to go before they can shine in your jewellery. In order to mine 1 carat, or 0.2 grams, of diamond, around 250 tonnes of earth must be removed.

Where are they most often mined?

Did you know that the origin of diamonds lies in India? Now they are mined all over the world, in expansive mines in Australia, Africa and Canada among others. Even though mine exploitation used to be very lucrative, many diamond mines have started to dry up these past years. For this reason, the diamond industry is investigating other options, such as diamond mines in Antarctica or mining undersea. The actual diamond trade will not notice much difference, however. Rough diamonds will inescapably wind up in Antwerp.

The rough diamonds that arrive in Antwerp are without exception mined and traded in an ethically responsible way. This is achieved thanks to the international Kimberley process.

Where does the importance of a diamond engagement ring come from?

But where did the popularity of diamond engagement rings come from? Starting from 1948 almost every bride coveted a diamond ring. We have the famous marketing campaign ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ from De Beers to thank for that. This company is still the market leader when it comes to diamond mines, with direct involvement in over 19 mining activities. They produce approximately half of the world’s supply of diamonds. There is thus a very high chance that your diamond originated from one of these mines.

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