For those who buy diamonds and diamond jewellery or diamond aficionados are most definitely familiar with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, colloquially known as the Kimberley Process. It is an initiative by governments, the diamond industry and non-governmental organizations to prevent that conflict diamonds, better known as blood diamonds, are sold and its profits used to finance the wars rebel movements wage against legitimate governments.

But what are conflict diamonds? Blood diamonds are usually mined under coercion, by men, women and children. These diamonds are sold via hidden transactions and illegal trade networks to finance the military operations and the purchase of weapons by rebel movements. When the news of these horrific practices and the unbearable violence was exposed to the outside world, Western countries made a stand and committed themselves to abolish blood diamonds and imposed human rights.

At the moment, the KPC 51 has representatives from 77 countries, including the European Union, accounting for 99,80 % of worldwide rough diamond trade. The KPCS imposes a strict regulation to its members to ensure only conflict free diamond reach the markets. These diamonds receive the KP certificate and are guaranteed clean, the can be traced from the mine they originate from until the moment they are exported/imported. Het KPCS also created new jobs and turning slavery into reasonably paid jobs, which is an important aspect of their work. However, the system is not bulletproof and blood diamonds sometimes make it to the international markets. At BAUNAT, we have a loupe clean conscience and only work with clean, conflict free diamonds. Because every little bit helps.

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