One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is conflict diamonds, also known as “blood diamonds” because of the blood that’s been shed to obtain them. Conflict diamonds have been stolen or illegally mined, then sold to raise money for rebel militia or terrorist groups. You’ve probably heard of the blockbuster movie “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Solomon Vandy, which is about this exact issue. 

With people becoming increasingly aware of conflict “blood” diamonds, the term “ethical jewellery” is something you’ll hear a lot among jewellers.

What is ethical jewellery?

The trust of consumers is what makes today’s jewellery industry successful. Indeed, the consumer is looking at purchasing a high -value item with a strong emotional appeal and therefore a controlled supply chain is crucial in building and maintaining this trust.

Ethical jewellery is jewellery for which we know the whole supply chain, from the source to the finished piece of jewellery. It is very important that consumers know that the piece of jewellery they are purchasing is from a sustainable source, made by the best craftsmen and with diamonds that are fully traceable. All of BAUNAT’s diamonds are ethically sourced and we have zero tolerance for conflict diamonds.

Buying diamonds and jewellery which are considered ethical


Buying diamonds is not an easy task, but if trust is present, then the first step is completed successfully.

Understanding if diamonds and jewellery are ethical can be done by looking at the information companies are sharing with their consumers on their website:

  • starting with information about the quality of the stones and for instance if there is certification by a recognised laboratory

  • looking at where the piece of jewellery is manufactured and by whom, whether it is locally or elsewhere

  • and eventually sharing information as to whether the supply chain and the whole process is actually controlled and/or known by the company.

These factors are all important when looking at buying diamonds, whether for investment purposes or not.

We at BAUNAT recognise the importance of consumer trust and have build thecompany upon it:

  • by buying diamonds directly at the source and always providing recognisable laboratory reports for the diamonds that are certified.

  • bydesigning and manufacturing the pieces of jewellery by hand at our local workshop in Antwerp and therefore always making sure we control the supply chain for all of our diamonds and jewellery.

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