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Fabienne Rauw

Fabienne, manager of the German market is able to guide every client with finding the right jewel. She takes care of most of the German orders, but also takes other task on her plate. Thanks to her six  years of experience at BAUNAT she acquainted well with the product and the marketing around it. Her degree in PR ensures that BAUNAT is well presented across all media channels. For anyone looking into a new investment opportunity, Fabienne is the perfect guide in this process. No question will be left unanswered, and she will help you every step of the way.

Blog articles by Fabienne Rauw

Jewellers in Munich

Where can I buy an engagement ring in Munich?

Would you like to buy an engagement ring for your partner in Munich? Find the perfect ring with BAUNAT.

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Tweezers with radiant cut diamond

What gives the radiant cut diamond its sparkle?

Why should you have your diamond cut in the radiant cut? The experts at BAUNAT provide you with the explanation, and offer advice on this cut

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Choose a Double diamond Ring for Double the Sparkle

Choose a Double Ring for Double the Sparkle

Learn more about the fabulous double ring trend. Design your own custom-made double ring with the help of BAUNAT.

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Woman wearing diamond eternity wedding ring and diamond stackable ring

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is a perfect gift for a partner, but what does it symbolise? Find out in this article, where BAUNAT explains the meaning behind eternity rings.

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Children giving their father gifts for Father's Day

Why your father deserves a watch or other item of jewellery on Father's Day

Is a watch a good gift for Father's Day? Our experts at BAUNAT give useful advice so you can surprise your father with the perfect Father's Day gift.

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Person wearing floral diamond necklace

How should I wear a gold statement necklace?

How should a gold statement necklace be worn? On which occasions should you wear a statement necklace and with which outfit? The experts at BAUNAT explain.

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