In times of crisis - like the one we are living in right now – investors prefer to invest in ‘tangible’ investments such as gold and diamonds. Such investments are in uncertain periods not only financially interesting, but also morally accountable. You invest in beauty and luxury, and diamonds let you possess something valuable. Everyone knows the slogan: Diamonds are forever. It proves that diamonds have a timeless appeal and will always remain popular.

Although diamond and gold occur together in jewellery, both raw materials are completely different estimated. A diamond is a heterogeneous and unique piece with its own specific characteristics, while gold is homogeneous which can be estimated as raw material. Diamonds are -like gold- associated with wealth, prestige and class and retain their popularity with investors in times of crisis. Diamonds will always be in demand and will continue to rise in value.

Besides a diamond is just beautiful to have and to cherish. A buyer is not only attracted by its value, but also by its allure, and just that makes a diamond so unique. This is a quality that other types of investment, such as shares and obligations, don’t have.

Are you planning on investing in a diamond, then you have come to the right place! We will be glad to guide you in your search for the perfect investment diamond.

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