Even though a lot of people are rather sceptical about online shopping, they keep spending more and more on the internet. Although it seems like a risky venture, it is possible to buy a diamond online in a safe way. Online you can find the best polished diamonds for the best price. We would like to give you a short overview of the benefits of buying a diamond online.

More choice

People say you can find literally anything on the Internet and this is certainly true for diamonds as well. Online you can find the biggest collection of diamond jewellery, an oversupply of beautifully cut stones, from gorgeous classic brilliants to any other kind of diamond shape possible. Most jewelers only have a limited stock at their disposal and those diamonds are rarely more beautiful than the ones you can buy online.

Better prices

Choosing to buy a diamond online is choosing for the best price. Internet prices are lower due to the thougher competition. Suppliers try to sell their diamonds at the best possible price.


When you buy a diamond online, you have the possibility to have the jewel shipped to your home. This way it is possible for you to wear the stone under the lighting circumstances of your current environment. A diamond may appear to be beautiful on a photograph, but that does not mean it looks good on your ring finger. Make sure to check the return policy though. At BAUNAT we have a 30 days return policy, where we offer you the chance to return your jewel within 30 days of your purchase after which we simply refund the purchase amount. It is also perfectly possible to exchange it for an other piece of jewellery.


On top of everything else, it's just very easy to buy a diamond online. You simply make your purchase from the comfort of your own home. The world of diamonds lies at your feet and you don’t even have to leave your house. Moreover you can skip dealing with pushy sales people who try to palm off some piece of jewellery on you.

It is of course possible to buy a diamond online from us. About 80 percent of the clients at BAUNAT purchase their diamond jewel through the website. There you can find a great selection of unique diamond jewels, from nice bracelets to wonderful engagement rings.

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