• A marriage proposal is a major event that affects the rest of your life.
  • It is associated with a lovely diamond ring, but there are also other aspects you need to take into account.
  • Did you still not find a diamond engagement ring? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

Those who are planning to ask their beloved to marry them, must take a couple of aspects into account. Men are often quite stressed, so they sometimes forget something. A marriage proposal is an important event that will determine the rest of your life. After all, you don’t ask someone to marry you every day. To make things simple, we would like to highlight some facts; things that you should consider before asking your partner to marry you.

Permission from her father

If you intend to ask your beloved to marry you, you don’t immediately slide an engagement ring on her finger. Traditionally, you first go to her parents and ask her father if he allows you to marry her. Of course, you’ll have to be almost 100 percent sure that he will give the hand of his daughter, but it is still a nice and traditional formality that should certainly be honored.

The price of an engagement ring

It is generally assumed that an engagement ring should cost as much as three month’s salary. Of course, this is just in general. It goes without saying that you are free to decide how much you will spend on a diamond ring. Men who want to impress, can pay a lot more, but also for those who have a limited budget there are plenty of beautiful diamond engagement rings.

The marriage proposal

How you ask her to marry you, is completely up to you. However, you might consider what she likes and what reflects her personality. For example, if your girlfriend is quite shy and introvert you better don’t propose in public, but rather in an intimate place like your home. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that recur in every marriage proposal; the man sits on one knee, opens the box of the diamond engagement ring and asks: “Will you marry me?”.

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