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What different shapes of diamonds do you use in your jewellery?

Diamonds come in different shapes. Each shape has different and unique characteristics that come to determine its specific quality. In most cases, BAUNAT uses the four following diamond shapes for its jewellery:

  • Round
    The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular and most researched diamond shape available today. This shape has set the traditional standard for all diamond shapes. In addition, a round diamond will typically give you more flexibility in terms of balancing cut, colour, and clarity grades while still getting the fire and brilliance you want. Furthermore, it is the most classic choice. White gold earrings with a round diamond e.g. are extremely versatile. 
  • Princess
    The princess diamond has a square shape, with a length/width ratio of around 1.00 and 1.05. The princess cut is also referred to as the square modified brilliant cut, the square cut or the rectangular modified brilliant cut. The latter term is used when the proportions exceed 1.05. The cut requires more weight to be directed toward the diamond's depth in order to maximize brilliance. Depth percentages of 70% to 78% are not uncommon with these diamond shapes.
  • Pear
    This brilliant-cut diamond looks like a sparkling teardrop because of its single point and rounded end. The pear diamond’s unique look makes it a popular choice for a variety of jewellery such as diamond pendants and diamond earrings.
  • Oval
    The oval diamond has a traditional cutting shape with a particular touch. This shape is slightly less common than a brilliant and yet approximates the sparkling brilliance of a brilliant cut diamond. This diamond cut is popular among people with small hands and thin fingers, because the elegant oval shape has an elongating effect. Oval diamonds are also frequently seen in the engagement rings of celebrities and European princesses.
  • On demand, BAUNAT also offers other diamond shapes such as heart, Asscher, emerald, marquise, radiant or cushion.

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