Are you looking to buy the perfect diamond ring, for yourself or your loved one? But not quite sure how to go about it? It can certainly be a challenge for many, particularly men.  Whoever you are, and whomever you're choosing a diamond ring for: we will show you exactly how to go about buying one, and the questions you need to ask.


How to buy a ring? Find out more about that from BAUNAT.

How do I buy a diamond ring for him or her?

Diamond rings come in different shapes and sizes. There are simple, discreet designs, such as the diamond solitaire ring. Others are more delicate or trickier to wear as they necessitate a particular dress code. Which one will you choose for your partner now? We can't emphasise enough how vital it is that the ring you finally choose perfectly matches your partner's taste.
How to buy a ring? Find out more about that from BAUNAT

How do you know your partner's taste, whom you are buying a ring for?

Tastes differ in line with people's personalities. Men and women alike will choose jewellery based on what appeals to them, the image they wish to present and their character. Whilst some prefer a more feminine style, such a diamond ring in a flower or butterfly design, others will opt for a more geometric, linear design.
If you are planning on heading out on your own to find the perfect diamond ring, you must be confident you know your partner inside out. Know your partner's likes and dislikes and observe in detail what their inimitable style is. Be sure to seek advice from the professionals. We are glad to assist you further in your quest for the ultimate ring.
Big girls need big diamonds
If you are unsure of your choice, ask a friend or family member to come along. In theory, they also know your partner very well, and their likes and dislikes. Otherwise, seek inspiration from magazines, websites, blogs ... head out and about with different people from her surrounding and gather their opinions. They will provide you with insightful clues as to what your partner's perfect diamond ring looks like, and so, the best one to buy.

What other aspects are key?

How to go about buying the perfect ring? You can find every style at BAUNAT
Not all rings suit every woman/man, some might appear more alluring than others. If your partner has a (very) light skin tone you are best off choosing a precious metal with a colder tint, such as white gold or platinum. With a darker skin tone, opt for warm precious metals, such as yellow or red gold.

Traditionally, the solitaire ring is the most popular design: a simple ring with a single diamond. Then there is the pavé styled solitaire ring. This design is similar but is set with small diamonds on both sides of the centre diamond.
For women (and presumably fewer men) who adore the fanciful, there are rings in the shape of a flower. Or coloured designs that combine different metals and coloured gemstones, in say pink, green or blue. Elegant women will sooner choose contemporary style rings, with pure or geometric lines. Lastly, you could go for vintage or romantic designs, if that's what your partner loves.
How to go about buying the perfect ring? You can find every style at BAUNAT

Which diamond shape will you choose?

The cut of the diamond greatly impacts a diamond ring's appearance. The round brilliant remains the most popular shape. This cut provides intense sparkle and immense appeal. With a stunningly crafted brilliant cut, each facet catches the light. In fact, a ring in a brilliant cut is often recommended for engagement rings. Couples are increasingly opting for wedding rings in a brilliant cut.
Have you decided to propose to someone with an engagement ring where an oval diamond plays the main part? This elegant diamond shape is a perfect, yet slightly less popular, alternative to the traditional brilliant cut. Its sparkle is just as stunning; the shape slightly more unique. It also comes closest to a round diamond. Rings with an oval diamond are more vintage in appearance and reflect current times very well.

Perhaps you'd rather go for a less popular, yet beautiful cut. Those shapes are all uniquely distinctive. Whichever shape you ultimately decide upon, be guided by your partner's personality and taste. Each shape has its own significance and represents a certain character.
How to go about buying the perfect ring? You can find every style at BAUNAT

How much do you plan to spend on the ring?

We highly recommend you first consider how much you have to spend on a diamond ring you want to surprise someone who means a great deal to you with. No doubt, the amount you spend on a Mother's Day gift won't be anywhere near the same range as the amount you will spend on the engagement ring for your beloved. But don't worry, stunning rings can be found in every price category.

Take a look here at ways to make a diamond appear bigger than it is.
How to buy a ring? Be sure to take the 4 Cs, as shown in the picture, into account. – BAUNAT

What do you need to know about the 4 Cs?

The 4 Cs stand for carat, colour, clarity and cut. Together they determine the quality, identity, and accordingly, the price tag of a diamond. So, it is crucial therefore that you are up to speed with these 4 Cs of the precious stones set in the diamond ring you are looking to buy. Only buy diamond jewellery that is accompanied by a certificate issued by recognised labs such as IGI, GIA and HRD.
What are the two highest selling types of diamond engagement rings?

What are the two highest selling types of diamond engagement rings?

The solitaire ring

Over the years the solitaire engagement ring has remained a timeless, elegant and stunning design, that to this day guarantees success. In a nutshell, in a solitaire ring a gorgeous diamond plays the lead role, in light of the fact it's the only thing set in the ring. This truly places the diamond in the spotlight, regardless of whether you choose a round, cushion, princess, pear, marquise or oval diamond cut. It is a true showstopper.

The halo design

This design is hugely popular for a number of reasons: it adds sparkle to the whole piece, it appears bigger and the design lets you select a smaller centre diamond as the side diamonds really help highlight the shimmer.

The halo comprises a centre diamond (usually a round, cushion or oval diamond cut), encircled by various small diamonds that are often set in the ring band itself. It is a breath-taking design offering you the sparkle and allure you are looking for. If you want the ring to stand out even more, choose a halo of coloured diamonds. In their favourite colour, of course!
How to go about buying the perfect ring for your partner? Perhaps you'll opt for BAUNAT's tailor made service?

Why opt for a tailor made ring?

If these designs don't fit the bill, you can always ask us to make a personalised ring. This is a really fantastic journey to undertake. Together with specialist designers you literally put your idea to paper, exactly how you picture it. You are then involved in every step of the way, from designing the ring and selecting the materials, to actually making the ring.
This service can provide you with the exact ring you originally had in mind. And make sure your bride to be truly appreciates the attention and effort that's gone into creating her unique engagement ring!
How to buy a ring? Choose a solitaire with a prong setting such as this BAUNAT one

A solitaire ring, but with which setting?

There are several settings to choose from, depending on the size and shape of the diamond. The most popular is the prong setting, ranging between 4 and 8 prongs. This uses the least amount of material to hold the stone, so it is displayed to the maximum.

But you could also choose the bezel or half bezel setting, to personalise your ring even more. This setting comprises a delicate strip of metal that encircles the stone to keep it in place. It is a very secure setting, so ideal for everyday wear.
How to buy a ring? Choose a solitaire with a prong setting such as this BAUNAT one

Because you deserve it

When thinking of a diamond ring, an engagement ring naturally springs to mind. But that needn't necessarily be the case. You have worked hard to get where you are so why not treat yourself to something unique? Are you buying yourself a diamond ring for your next birthday? Or, will you place one under your Christmas tree? Choose your favourite diamond ring from the extensive selection; go on, and treat yourself!

Be inspired by magazines, websites, blogs ... when choosing your ring.

Invest in yourself and in diamond

You can always buy a diamond ring as an investment too, of course. Investment diamonds are generally a safe bet as they tend not to depreciate in value. Not only that, but you'll be investing in beauty and in yourself.

Why not an engagement ring for yourself?

Even if that diamond ring is an engagement ring, there's no reason why you can't buy it for yourself. Maybe you have just completed a year-long doctorate? Or, perhaps you have reached another milestone in your (professional) life? Go on, go ahead and buy that engagement ring  to mark the occasion.
How to buy a ring? Choose a solitaire with a prong setting such as this BAUNAT one

What's the smart way to choose?

Take any allergies into account

How to buy a ring for lifelong enjoyment? Be sure to take sensitivities and allergies into account. For example, did you know that around 10% of the population is allergic to nickel? If that includes you, platinum and gold are the way to go. White gold does contain some nickel but just a trace, so usually allergic reactions don't come into play. But if you are in doubt, opt for platinum instead.
Hands with a ring

Look at your hands

Do you have small or big hands? Small hands call for delicate rings, whereas bigger hands can take something a little more extravagant. The same applies if you have larger fingers:  the more striking, the better. Conversely, if you have slim fingers you are advised to choose a smaller gold diamond ring. Those with long fingers can do as they please. Unless you're an incorrigible nail-biter. If so, it's best not to draw too much attention to your hands, so opt for a more delicate, subtle gold ring that complements your skin tone to perfection.
Hands with a ring

Be guided by your personality

How to buy a diamond ring for yourself? When it comes down to it, by sticking to your personal style and taste. Choose a ring that you yourself like to look at, and that tells a little about you. In retrospect, you'll glow with pride that you not only followed your gut instinct but with your new, sparkling acquisition too.
Warm and cold
Indeed, as previously mentioned, when finding the perfect gold ring you must also bear your skin tone in mind. If your skin tone has a cooler undertone, a white gold ring will look perfect on your finger. If you have a warm skin tone, yellow gold is the way to go. Red gold jewellery suits all skin tones.
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