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What different types of watch bracelets are available?

BAUNAT has two different watch collections, each with their own characteristics and bracelet options.

  1. Italian Collection

Firstly, there’s the Italian Collection, which consists of different contemporary designs finished with high quality 18kt gold components. Depending on the design, the watch comes with an 18kt gold bracelet or a genuine calf leather band.

Amongst the 18kt gold bracelets there are two types: a classic one with larger elements, and a modern one with many small components. Next to the gold bracelet, some models come with a genuine calf leather band in the colors black or brown. There’s a possibility to purchase an extra leather band in blue, black, burgundy, brown, gold and chocolate, which needs to be changed by a BAUNAT watch expert. In case you would like to purchase an extra bracelet, please contact our experts for more information.

2. Swiss Collection

Secondly, we have the Swiss Collection, BAUNAT’s exclusive and limited-edition collection that embraces the highest quality and exquisite craftmanship. Both models, Chaux and Jura, which are produced in 6 color variations, all come with a high-quality alligator leather wrist band in brown, black, green or blue.

Adding depth and color to the exclusive 18kt gold case as well as giving a modern and timeless look to it, leather bracelets are a great feature. Although the leather can fade slightly due to the sun and wearing, it gives charm to an older watch which adds emotional value when passed down to the next generation. The bracelets can be purchased separately and are easily interchangeable by yourself.

Whether you purchase a BAUNAT watch with an 18kt gold wristband or a leather strap, both have its own characteristics and charm.

Are you still in doubt which watch out of our different collections is perfect for you? Ask one of our BAUANT experts for help and get your own exceptional watch.

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