Buying jewelry is an important investment that implies a smart buying decision, informed and rational. You will find below the main information to know before buying a diamond jewel.

Learning about the 4C’s

The 4C’s consist of carat, cut, color and clarity. 4C’s are important because they determine the intrinsic value of the diamond.

The weight of a diamond is measured in carat, each carat has 100 points and one carat equals to 0.20 grams. Although the largest diamond is not necessarily the most expensive.

Unlike the form aspect (princess, marquise, radiant, oval and emerald), the size refers to the proportion of the stone. A well-cut diamond will be more sparkly; it will offer the greatest shine and will have more fire.

Color is the only component of the 4C’s imposed by nature. The prestige of a diamond depends on its color (colorless). The colors E, D and F are very rare.

The clarity is influenced by the presence of inclusions, due to the presence of minor natural material traces.

The purchase must take into account all of the 4C’s. However, no matter whether the diamond is large or small, the cut remains the most important factor in releasing all of the brilliance and beauty that a diamond has to offer.

The certificat

The certificat by an independent and renowned gemological laboratory delivers formal evidence in writing of the qualities of the diamond. The certificat is the identification of the diamond. This document gives a precise summary of the scores awarded to the diamond for each of the 4C's and is thus a representation of it's value. Certificats by GIA, HRD and IGI are equal in value.

The shape

The stone shape is a matter of style and personal taste. Everyone can find a stone shape of their taste: round, princess, marquise, oval or pear.

The mounting and the setting play a very important role, but the visible surface from the top is the key factor. A polished diamond of reasonable size, and certified by a laboratory as "very good" or "excellent" will be an excellent choice.

Brillance and beauty

The ability to reflect light is a feature that contributes to the beauty, radiance and brilliance of the gem. Through its brilliance, the gem captures the eye, showing all its glory. The jewelry honors the sparkler and adds a final touch revealing its elegance and natural charm.

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