• Why is Antwerp the diamond capital of the world?
  • What are diamond bourses?
  • What kind of diamonds can I buy in Antwerp?

In Antwerp, you will surely find the diamond you are looking for. With over 500 years of experience trading in diamonds, the city has more than earned its title as diamond capital of the world. About 80% of the world's rough diamonds pass through annually and the Antwerp craftsmen have long perfected their cutting techniques. In short, there is no better place in the world for buying diamonds than in Antwerp; it’s one of the best places to buy diamonds in Europe. How did it all begin? And what does the diamond trade look like now?

Why is Antwerp the diamond capital of the world?

Antwerp is home to more than 1500 companies working in the diamond industry. Because of its rich history, Antwerp has cultivated deep roots in both diamond distribution and diamond craftsmanship ever since the beginning of the international diamond trade and has become the diamond capital of the world. The famous Antwerp diamond district is the most important place for the diamond market worldwide. With its optimal location right next to the Central Station, the diamond district has been able to grow into the vibrant and specialized trade centre that it is today.

What are diamond bourses?

The purchase and sale of diamonds, polished or rough, is conducted through diamond bourses. There are 29 bourses throughout the world and they are all part of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. Access to these bourses is strictly controlled and membership is required to trade there. The federation lays down on which basis should be negotiated. Antwerp is home to four of the most important diamond bourses in the world: Diamant Club of Antwerp, the Diamantbeurs, the Diamantkring and the Vrije Diamanthandel.

Other cities with a diamond bourse include London, Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tel-Aviv, Johannesburg and Moscow.

What kind of diamonds can I buy in Antwerp?

Why buy diamonds in Antwerp in the form of jewellery?

Antwerp’s rich diamond history not only makes it an important international trade centre, Antwerp diamond craftsmen can also draw from century-long traditions to create the most brilliant jewels. The Kemps in particular played an important role in developing and perfecting diamond cutting techniques as well as new methods for metalworking. Jewellers today still build on this know-how, making Antwerp diamond jewels among the finest in the world.

Buying diamonds in Antwerp equals choosing for the most beautiful gems and the finest craftsmanship.

What other kind of diamonds can I buy?

When buying diamonds in Antwerp, you are not limited to beautiful jewellery. After all, loose diamonds are internationally recognized as an ideal investment product within the commodities category. Due to its high resistance to fluctuations in the exchange rate and its exceptional stability and crisis-resilience, diamond is not only a safe investment but also a profitable one. Especially in times of crisis when many shares plummet and other commodities behave volatilely, diamonds turn out to be rock solid.

What kind of diamond jewellery suits me? How can I buy diamonds in Antwerp as an investment? Ask the diamond experts at BAUNAT for advice to make the right choice.

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