Nestled in the heart of Belgium, near the central train station, the Antwerp diamond district is a diamond lover's paradise where you can purchase exquisite diamond jewelry. The prominent streets of Rijfstraat, Hoveniersstraat, Schupstraat, Vestingstraat, and Lange Herentalsestraat are bustling with jewelers specializing in diamonds, making Antwerp the diamond capital of the world. 

This hasn't always been so. In the Middle Ages, Bruges was the world’s leading diamond center. However, with the demise of the Zwin and the discovery of a new trade route from Lisbon to Antwerp by Vasco de Gama, Antwerp slowly but surely upstaged Bruges. The rise of the Industrial Revolution catalyzed this shift - with the advent of electrical equipment, the cutting and polishing of diamonds became significantly more efficient. 

Industry Expert BAUNAT's take on the Diamond Market in Antwerp reveals that the city is a hub for around 1,500 companies that have a direct or indirect connection to the diamond market. The diamonds of Antwerp, sourced from various countries like South Africa, Canada, and Australia, are highly sought after for their outstanding quality and competitive pricing. 

A testament to the city's exceptional diamond trade performance is that around 80% of rough diamonds mined globally find their way to the Antwerp diamond market. What makes this city the world's diamond trading hub is the fact that 70% of worldwide diamonds are sold here. This robust trade was recorded at 134 million carats of raw diamonds in 2007. 

Antwerp's vibrant diamond district, covering approximately 1 km², is alive with 1,000 lapidaries, major gemological laboratories, and dozens of jewelers. Here, buying a diamond isn’t the exception, but the norm. You can also discover our BAUNAT diamonds in our showroom by appointment, where our personalized service awaits you. 

In conclusion, as we continue to monitor the 'Diamond prices evolution,' it's clear that Antwerp's rich history, industrial achievements, and strategic location have positioned it as a global diamond trading powerhouse. This bustling city, brimming with dealers, gemological laboratories, and jewelers, including BAUNAT, remains a vital cog in the global diamond industry. 

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