A new diamond museum opens in Antwerp

Would you like to visit the new diamond museum in Antwerp? BAUNAT presents DIVA, the new diamond museum in Antwerp.

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Visiting Antwerp for the weekend

Would you like to visit a diamond jeweller in Antwerp? BAUNAT provides you with a tourist guide of the city of Antwerp.

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3 advantages of Antwerp jewellers

Do you want to buy a diamond in Antwerp? In this article, BAUNAT presents three advantages of Antwerp Jewellers

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Why do jewellers in Antwerp and diamonds go hand in hand?

Antwerp’s diamond year? The following people and jewels make it happen, every single day!

Why is the diamond district a must-see this year? Which jewellery designers are sure to surprise you with unique and exclusive collections? BAUNAT, your online jeweller in Antwerp,...

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The 570th birthday of the Antwerp diamond district

When was the 570th birthday of diamonds in Antwerp?

How did Antwerp become the diamond capital? Since when does the diamond engagement ring tradition exist? The rich history of diamonds in Antwerp celebrated a major anniversary in...

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Your jeweller in Antwerp as well as online

Looking for a jeweller in Antwerp for a diamond engagement ring or other diamond jewellery? BAUNAT comes to you online.

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