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What is the difference between the Italian and the Swiss Collection?

BAUNAT currently embraces two different watch collection, the contemporary Italian Collection and the remarkable limited-edition Swiss Collection. But what exactly is the difference between both, and which one best represents your taste?

  • Italian Collection
  • Swiss Collection

Italian Collection

This contemporary watch collection combines Italian design with BAUNAT’s high quality standards. Every watch is designed in Italy and handmade with Swiss components

All models are quartz based, meaning they are powered by small batteries giving energy to tiny crystals inside the watch, making the gold hands move. Some models adopt a Japanese movement which includes a chronometer and tachymeter, while others have a Swiss movement and display the date, hours, minutes and seconds.

The collection has 18kt yellow gold case for all its watches, but each model has a particular dial colour mixed with a leather or an 18kt yellow gold bracelet. Ranging from black to blue, white or gold, the coloured dial is always finished with gold hands.

The Italian Collection is one of BAUNAT’s current collection and is perfect for everyday use. Because of its high quality and exquisite craftmanship, the watch will last for years, and is perfect to give from one generation to another.

Discover BAUNAT’s Italian Collection here.

Swiss collection

The Swiss Collection embraces a high standard of perfection and is made for those who can appreciate exquisite watchmaking know-how. Combining refined designs with the latest technology, the watches adopt a mechanic manual or automatic movement.

One model, carrying the name Chaux, follows the mechanic manual movement, while the others have an automatic mechanic base. Jura, named after the region in Switzerland where the watches are produced, comes in 6 colour variations. Both Chaux and Jura carry the label Swiss Made, which indicates the high value and perfection of the watches. It’s a label that is only given when a watch is produced for at least 60% in Switzerland, and the watches of the BAUNAT Swiss Collection are almost entirely produced there.

Read more about what Swiss Made means here.

The watches of the Swiss Collection can be seen as a true collector’s item, as each colour variant is only produced 50 times. A number of 1 to 50 is engraved on the back of each watch, indicating the uniqueness of this limited-edition collection.

The models have a case in 18kt yellow gold, red gold or white gold with matching hands, and adopt a dial in crisp white, black, dark green or navy blue. Finished with a bracelet in alligator leather, also an exclusive material, in black, brown, green or blue.

With the Swiss Collection, watches are not only a practical item to tell time but become a piece with emotional value that you proudly pass along to the next generation.

Discover BAUNAT’s Swiss Collection here.

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