The price of a colourless diamonds is determined by a number of factors. Most importantly, the 4C’s (carat, colour, clarity and cut) of which the carat weight has the biggest influence on price. However, in some cases you’ll have to compromise to stay within your budget. A big diamond is a big investment. The reason for this is simple. The bigger the diamond, the rarer it is, the higher its value. Are you dead set on buying a stunning engagement ring on a limited budget? We have some tips for you to make your diamond appear bigger.

1. Consider a fancy cut diamond

Round diamonds often appear a lot smaller than fancy cut diamonds with the same carat weight. Baguettes, Emerald cuts or Marquise diamonds are beautiful shapes with a unique appearance that appear bigger for the same price. The originality of these diamond shapes is another added advantage. The only drawback is its sparkle. A round diamond is always superior when it comes to light return.

2. Opt for a Halo setting or add smaller diamonds

By adding a lot smaller diamonds you enlarge the total light returning surface. When surrounded by other diamonds you visually enlarge your center stone. Each stone intensifies each other’s reflection.

3. The optical illussion

There are some ways to optically enlarge a diamond. Such a trompe l’oeil effect is possible when choosing the right setting. A reflective surface next to the diamond or a reflective border around the entire stone will visually enlarge the diamond and its sparkle but not the cost. By far, the least expensive option but requires tedious maintenance, as the slightest smudge will dull your ring.

4. The diamond flanked by smaller diamonds

By flanking your center stone by 2 or more smaller diamonds you can substantially increase light reflection. Take a look at some trilogy engagement rings, 3 aligned diamonds proudly presenting the larger center stone. Timeless elegance and pure class. This configuration is very effective for adding sparkle and will look like it is far above your budget.

5. Pick a bezel setting

The bezel setting encloses the diamond in a band of precious metal. This style is a perfect alternative for a traditional engagement ring setting. It visually enlarges the diamond and provides additional protection, which is never a bad thing.

6. Cheat the eye with an imperfect diamond

A shallow cut diamond is a poorly cut diamond that compromises overall cut quality for a larger diameter. Due to their lower overall cut quality, the amount of light they reflect is very little and thus these diamonds have a dull appearance. What is the use of a big center stone if it does not shine bright like a diamond should? It may enlarge the diamond but it will not impress accordingly. At BAUNAT we never compromise quality for size, we strive for perfection. BAUNAT does not use shallow cut diamonds, we select only the brightest diamonds and a very good cut quality is therefore indispensable. 

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