A diamond’s setting helps decide the look of your jewellery. Are you looking for intriguing and unique jewellery which catches the eye of everyone around? Then a ring with tension setting is the one for you. With its floating gemstone between two precious metal elements, it could hardly be more special. BAUNAT explains why you should go for a tension setting.

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What is a tension setting?

Ring with tension setting - BAUNAT
In a tension setting, the diamond is clamped between two precious metal elements, and held in place by the tension created. The stone seems to float, resulting in a very contemporary look. The diamond captures a lot of light from all directions, making it sparkle even more.

The tension setting is mainly used for somewhat harder stones, those which score at least 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

What are the pros and cons of a tension setting?

Rings with tension settings have a very attractive appearance. The diamond is not enveloped by precious metal, so it can capture and reflect maximum light. The gemstone is also at the heart of the jewellery.
With tension setting rings you are going for a contemporary ring
Tension setting rings are unfortunately also very delicate. The diamond is not really protected against external factors, which means it could be damaged. You also run the risk of tearing the setting open if your ring gets stuck somewhere.

Make sure you know the correct ring size, too. Once made, tension setting rings cannot be made smaller or larger.

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Combine the tension setting with another setting

Mixing and matching with other settings

Since you need a diamond with a higher carat weight with a tension setting, the ring also becomes more expensive. If you choose a diamond with a low carat weight, it may appear smaller than it actually is.

You could, therefore, choose to combine the tension setting with a pavé setting. The band of the ring is then “paved” with smaller diamonds.
Choosing a setting for your diamond is not easy. So always think about your personal style, what is easy to wear, and how you can protect your diamond. Do not hesitate to call in the BAUNAT experts to make the right choice.

What other settings are there?

If you go for a ring with a tension setting, then you are choosing a very original ring which will undoubtedly make you the centre of attention. Tension setting rings are very elegant, contemporary and can be mixed and matched with other settings. Do you prefer something more timeless? Then browse the other settings below for more inspiration.
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