A marriage proposal is a special moment in your life, and that includes the perfect engagement ring. But what exactly should you pay attention to when buying an engagement ring? BAUNAT would like to list the most important things for you.

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Diamond engagement ring

Why buy a certified diamond?

First of all, an engagement ring usually has a diamond. Diamonds are a symbol of unconditional love and may stand out in an engagement ring, although subtler engagement rings are also on the rise. In addition to the classic engagement ring with a solitaire diamond, you can also opt for an engagement ring with two or three diamonds.
If you want to buy an engagement ring with diamonds, you should pay attention to the 4 Cs when buying. The 4 Cs are quality features that should always be listed on the certificate of your diamond. It is important that you always opt for a diamond graded by GIA, IGI or HRD, as these three apply high quality standards in their certification process.

Always choose a diamond that scores at least VS2 or SI1 on the clarity scale and are rated G or H on the colour scale, to ensure the diamond doesn't have any yellow appearance and no large impurities that are noticeable to the naked eye.

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How big should the diamond be?

The carat size of a diamond is much debated, but worldwide, the average is between 1.00 and 1.09 carats. The higher the carats, the more expensive the engagement ring will be. According to unwritten rules, the husband to be spends about 2 to 3 months' wages on the price of an engagement ring.
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What setting and shape of diamond will suit her?

The brilliance of a diamond is largely determined by the cut and the quality of the cut. For example, a round brilliant has the greatest brilliance because it was cut with 57 facets reflecting the light. The princess cut is also known for its brilliance, although this cut is usually less pricey. A baguette cut will not match the sparkle of a brilliant. That's why it's best to compare the different cuts before you make a choice.
The quality of the cut is indicated by the terms "excellent", "very good", "good", "fair" and "poor". You can also always find this on the diamond certificate.

Depending on the cut, you can also choose a specific setting for your diamond. For example, a cathedral setting will make your diamond look bigger. Another setting option is the bezel setting. It is best to use this when your fiancée is very active and the diamond should not interfere with daily activities.

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What about the colour of the diamond and the precious metal?

Most engagement rings have a colourless diamond, with a certain colour grading from D to Z. A colour D diamond is the purest white and is extremely rare. Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring on a slightly lower budget? Choose a colour G or H diamond. The diamond is still virtually colourless, but it is a lot cheaper.

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Instead of a colourless diamond, you can also opt for a naturally fancy coloured diamond or a coloured precious stone.

And then you also have choices in the precious metal. For an engagement ring, people often opt for white gold because it has a classic, timeless look. However, you can also opt for an engagement ring in yellow gold, platinum or even red gold. A combination of both is also possible, but then you should choose a more sober design.

How do I determine her ring size?

Now that you have chosen a beautiful ring, it would of course be a shame if it is too big or just too small when you propose. That's why you should take a look in her jewellery box beforehand, and take a ring to the jeweller to know the perfect size. If that's not possible, you can sometimes find the size through friends or acquaintances. An engagement ring can however still be made bigger or smaller afterwards. At BAUNAT you can order a ring sizer for free, so you can be sure of the size.

Can I buy a custom-made engagement ring?

What if you don't find anything to your or her taste? Then you can make an appointment at BAUNAT to have a custom-made engagement ring designed. In consultation with us, you determine the design, the precious metal, the stone and if applicable, the personal engraving. Don't hesitate to contact our experts.

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Would you like to learn more about engagement rings before you make a choice? Where do you buy an engagement ring, and on which hand are you wearing it? BAUNAT will be happy to assist you with advice and expertise. Read more in one of the articles below.

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