The eternity ring is a beautiful way to celebrate your love, the perfect alternative for the traditional engagement ring or – why not – the classical wedding ring. The most popular shape is a wedding band, in gold or platinum, with encrusted precious stones, usually diamonds in a pave setting. Other precious stones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds are amongst the possibilities as well. According to your budget you can choose to set the upper part of the ring or you can go all the way and have your ring fully set. When fully set, it is called an eternity ring. This type of ring may symbolize eternal love, certainly it doesn’t come cheap. Usually costing twice to three times what a halfway set ring costs and impossible to enlarge or reduce in size afterwards.

The combination of diamond and platinum remains a bestseller when it comes to eternity rings. The durability of the metal and the way it accentuates the diamonds sparkle are unparalleled. The best known example is the currently legendary engagement ring of Marilyn Monroe, set with 35 baguettes. At BAUNAT, we have several beautiful engagement rings in our collection but will be happy to assist you in creating a tailor made eternity ring.

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