Do you want to see a beaming smile on your partner's face? If so, give her an eternity ring. It is a special symbol of your eternal love and fidelity. It can be given to crown your nuptials, or even as an engagement ring. But what do eternity rings mean, actually?  We are delighted to explain the meaning of eternity rings, how to wear them and when to buy and give one.

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The special meaning of an eternity ring

A red gold BAUNAT eternity ring
An eternity ring is a ring that is set all around with diamonds. These can be brilliant cuts, or other diamond shapes that come into their own in a truly unique way. Eternity is symbolised perfectly by the diamond linkage. You can, of course, add coloured diamonds or precious stones for a striking, nuanced effect.

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The significance of the eternity or infinity ring is that it is the ultimate symbol of eternal love. Therefore, it is often given as a wedding anniversary present nowadays, but it has heartfelt symbolism in other relationships too.
A wedding anniversary is an ideal occasion to give an eternity ring
Some say you should wait until the 60th wedding anniversary. As it's only then that you'll know whether you'll spend the rest of your lives together. But this theory seems a little outdated. After all, you just know it's love at first sight straightaway, don't you? The eternity ring is a timeless classic that genuinely suits all personalities. It is a lifelong investment.

The story behind the eternity ring

The origins of the eternity ring go way back. Legend has it that it originated in Ancient Egypt, around 2000 BC. Egyptian men gave their loved ones a ring to show their love and commitment. At the time the ring was snake-shaped, with the snake eating its own tail. Over time the design changed from a snake to a neutral gold or platinum band set with diamonds.

The design of a diamond eternity ring symbolises eternal love and fidelity. The ultimate symbol of love! Marilyn Monroe was proposed to with one. The eternity ring is a classic that every woman will certainly treasure.  Moreover, this diamond ring is eminently suitable as a wedding ring. It underscores your love for one another, showing the world that what you have is unique and everlasting.

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An eternity ring as a wedding ring

Een eternity ring als trouwring naast een verlovingsring - BAUNAT
There are diamonds to match every type of special occasion. A ring is guaranteed to be a great gift therefore. An eternity ring is a fantastic engagement ring that will help bolster your proposal. This eternity ring looks stunning on any hand as a wedding ring too; you can choose to match it with her engagement ring or not. The ring could complement a halo ring fabulously, for example.

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The trend of giving an eternity ring on a couple's first wedding anniversary is becoming increasingly popular. In doing so you are conveying your happiness and conviction that you will share the rest of your life with your spouse.

But an eternity ring is also a great gift for your mother or best friend.  It symbolises your close relationship beautifully.

Naturally, we are delighted to help you choose this exceptional ring. There are various options available to you, and our experts are on hand to advise. Our experts' help is free of obligation.

Other ring types

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