• How reliable is the mirror test?
  • What alternatives are there for recognizing a real diamond?
  • How does a real diamond react to ultraviolet light?

Do you have a diamond jewel at home, passed down from generation to generation? If you are unsure whether or not your diamond is genuine, read on to discover how you can distinguish a real diamond from a fake one. Did your diamond jewel turned out to be an imitation? Feel free to introduce a new valuable heirloom to the family collection and buy diamonds from BAUNAT.

How reliable is the mirror test?

Many people test a diamond’s authenticity by trying to scratch a mirror. Please don’t do this, as this method is not veryreliable. A fake diamond can also easily leave a scratch. You also do not want to buy diamonds and then risk damaging them this way. They are very strong, but they can get scratches that could affect their brilliance.

What alternatives are there for recognizing a real diamond?

How does the breath test work?

A safer method to test your diamond jewellery is using your breath. On a real diamond, the condensation evaporates rapidly; with a false diamond, it does not. Note that if there is a layer of oil on the ring, for example, this test will not offer 100% certainty.

The weight of the diamond does not provide a final answer, either. The most popular imitation diamond, cubic zirconia, is in fact a good deal heavier than real diamond, which is contrary to what many people think.

What should I pay attention to when examining my diamond with a magnifying glass?

Do you have an eagle eye and a magnifying glass suitable for looking at diamonds? Take a good look at the top of the diamond. Is it beautifully straight and concurrent? Then you have an authentic diamond in your possession. Using a microscope, you will also detect some small irregularities or even black spots in the diamond.

Because these so-called inclusions are almost impossible to replicate, they provide good proof of authenticity.

How does a real diamond react to ultraviolet light?

What is the best method for distinguishing real diamond jewellery from imitation pieces? Most diamonds react to ultraviolet light with a blue reflection. Does your diamond turn blue? Congratulations, you have an authentic precious stone in your hands.

What if after all these tests I am still not sure whether my diamond is real or fake? Where can I be sure of buying real diamonds? Ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice, with no obligation to purchase.

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