Do you have a diamond jewel at home that is very old? Or at least, do you think it is? If you are not certain whether your diamond is real, here's how you can distinguish a real diamond from a fake one. Does your diamond jewel turn out to be fake? Don’t worry; you can purchase 100% natural and certified diamond jewellery at BAUNAT, the online jeweler from Antwerp.

Testing diamond jewellery on authenticity: forget about the mirror

A lot of people test diamonds on authenticity by scratching it on a mirror. Don’t do this: this method is not very reliable. Fake diamonds can also leave a scratch, and you probably wouldn’t want to damage the stone.

Alternatives to check your diamond jewellery

A safer method is to test your diamond jewellery with your breath. On a real diamond, the condensation evaporates rapidly, with a fake diamond it doesn’t. Note that if there is a layer of oil present for example on the ring, this test gives not 100% certainty. Also the weight of the diamond is not reliable. The popular fake diamond Cubic Zirkonia for example is a lot heavier than a real diamond.

Do you have an eagle eye and a magnifying glass? Check the cut on top of the diamond. In case it merges together and is straight, you have a real diamond in your possession. If you use a microscope, you can even find some small blemishes or spots on the cut diamond. Because these are almost impossible to create, they can prove that the diamond is real.

Testing diamonds: ultraviolet light never lies

The best way to distinguish diamond jewels from fake ones? Most diamonds turn blue when placed under ultraviolet light. Does your diamond turn blue? Congratulations, you have an authentic diamond in your hands. But remember: the lighter the blue colour, the more valuable the diamond.

No luck this time? Then go for a certified diamond jewel of BAUNAT. In our heavenly collections, you can find diamond necklaces, earrings, engagement rings and bracelets in various shapes, colours and precious metals. Do you want 100% certainty on the authenticity of your diamonds? Then choose for a diamond jewel of BAUNAT.

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