The beneficial qualities of gemstones have been described ever since the Middle Ages. Knowing the gemstone for each month of birth can help you decide on an engagement ring for your future fiancée. Find out below which stone is associated with which month.

Garnet for January

Garnet is a rare gem that, according to common belief, has an astringent effect on the intestines. In addition, this precious stone symbolises sincerity and faithfulness. To celebrate your second year of marriage, you can give your wife a ring or a necklace set with a red, green, yellow or black garnet, according to your personal tastes and preferences.

Amethyst for February

The characteristics as well as the virtues of the, often violet-colored, amethyst are similar to those of the sapphire. Amethyst cures all ills. This mineral can be worn around the neck, the fingers or the wrist and brings wisdom and serenity to its wearer.

Aquamarine for March

Synonymous with patience and tolerance, a jewel adorned with an aquamarine is the perfect gift for those born in March. This gemstone, boasting a sparkling blue colour, enables couples to overcome all problems and solidify their relationship.

Diamond for April

Symbol of eternal love and strength, a diamond protects those born in April from malice and animosity. A diamond lends itself to all sorts of occasions and can be set in a wedding ring, an engagement ring or a necklace pendant. And for those who fear the staggering prices, we can reassure you: it is possible to find reasonably priced diamonds nowadays.

Emerald for May

Carrier of health and everlasting happiness, an emerald is the perfect gem for those born in May. Emeralds have been said to allow their owner to read the future, a power undoubtedly attributed to the emerald due to its mysterious appearance. An emerald also brings good fortune to its wearer.

Moonstone for June

If your beloved is born in June and a bit of a dreamer, then offer her a moonstone. This stone has a peculiar color, with bluish nuances emitting a silvery sheen. This is surely where the gem got its name; once polished it shines like the moon surface.

Ruby for July

A ruby is perfect for those who are struggling to find love since the stone opens up the heart of its owner. Its vibrant red color symbolises passion and love. A golden ring with a ruby will help you find the love of your life.

Peridot for August

Peridot is an olive-green gemstone, also known as "Evening Emerald". Peridot has often been associated with magic and, according to common belief, guards its wearer from evil spirits and misfortune.

Sapphire for September

A sacred stone, the sapphire is often associated with noble manners, morals, happiness and courage. Giving someone born in September a sapphire is offering them the guarantee of a fulfilled life far away from all misery and misfortune.

Opal for October

Opal is well-suited for those born in October because they often have a quiet, friendly and innocent character, as does opal. If you want to offer your beloved a jewel set with an opal, you have a broad range of colour varieties to choose from.

Citrine for November

A variant of quartz, citrine brings forth great vitality and concentration. This is without a doubt due to its yellow colour, the colour of the sun, a symbol of joy and celebration.

Topaz for December

Topaz is well-known for its positive effect on the physical and mental strength. In ancient times, topaz safeguarded the Romans and the Greek from danger. Topaz has a multitude of colours ranging from salmon to orange, over pink and blue.

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