Old European Cut - The classic predecessor of the brilliant cut

The modern, round brilliant cut was developed at the beginning of the last century. Until then, the Old European Cut was the most common cut in Europe.

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Buying a diamond necklace or ring? This is how the precious stones are analysed …

Buying a diamond necklace or ring at BAUNAT? With these instruments the quality of the gems is thoroughly examined, by experts the GIA.

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A truly pure diamond ring, thanks to blockchain

Buy a truly pure diamond ring, thanks to blockchain

Looking for a diamond (engagement) ring or necklace that is 100% ethically responsible? Choose BAUNAT or discover the power of blockchain.

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The biggest private diamond collections

What are the biggest private diamond collections?

We show you the largest private diamond collections in the world, who they belong to and which impressive stones they include.

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Buying a gold ring? Discover your precious stone’s origin!

Do you want to buy a gold ring with a beautiful gemstone? And are you interested to know where it is most often found? Discover it's story here.

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making a diamond ring

Which factors influence the diamond buying process?

Do you know what influences you when you wish to buy diamonds? There are several influencing factors, including a few BAUNAT can easily assist you with.

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