Marquise cut diamond

The marquise diamond: all you need to know about this regal cut

Wondering what makes the marquise diamond so special? The BAUNAT experts can tell you why you should include a marquise diamond in your jewellery.

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Loose diamonds and a diamond ring from BAUNAT

Robot innovates rough diamond cutting

Robot Fenix can cut rough diamonds • Explore significant innovations in the diamond industry, with BAUNAT.

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The European cut

Diamond cuts: the European cut explained

The European cut diamond's meaning and its origins • Discover the different cuts at BAUNAT

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pear cut diamond ring

What's so special about a pear cut diamond?

The radiance of a pear cut diamond • Discover jewels with a pear cut diamond at BAUNAT

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White gold necklace with oval diamond – BAUNAT

What are the advantages of a jewel with an oval diamond?

What is an oval diamond, and what makes this cut unique? BAUNAT provides you with an explanation and advice on the oval diamond's special features.

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Cushion cut

What is the cushion cut diamond?

The popularity of the cushion cut in rings • Discover jewellery with a cushion cut diamond at BAUNAT

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