Rubin und Diamanten Verlobungsring von BAUNAT

Should you choose a matte or shiny finish for you engagement ring?

With the precious metal of an engagement ring, you have the choice between matte and shiny. BAUNAT explains the difference.

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Should I buy a flawless engagement ring?

Is an engagement ring with a flawless diamond a good choice? Can you really see the difference in everyday life? BAUNAT clarifies.

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De Beers diamonds, a giant in the sector

Engagement Ring Origin: The History of De Beers Diamond Jewellers?

Have you ever wondered where the line “Diamonds are forever” comes from? BAUNAT tells you the history of De Beers & their diamond engagement rings here.

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Square engagement rings with diamond

Discover which varieties of engagement rings with square gemstones are available and what distinguishes them.

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What gives the radiant cut diamond its sparkle?

Why should you have your diamond cut in the radiant cut? The experts at BAUNAT provide you with the explanation, and offer advice on this cut

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Get a Vintage Look With a Cabochon Engagement Ring

A cabochan cut engagement ring, necklace, or earrings give you a classic, vintage look. | Each engagement ring is locally handmade by BAUNAT.

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