Some gems are so similar to one another that it can sometimes be hard to tell them apart. However, it is easy to determine whether a particular stone is semi-precious or precious without being a diamond expert. Before you buy your wedding band, your necklace pendant or your diamond earrings, here are some criteria that will help you understand immediately whether a diamond is 100% natural or whether it is an imitation.

Criterion # 1: brilliance

A real diamond will exude an increased shine even in the absence of strong lighting. To test its radiance, you can hold your diamond to the reflection of the sun. If you are in a dark room, the light of a lamp will do. As soon as the reflection of the light hits the diamond, the diamond will shimmer and shine through all its facets, unlike the facets of any other gemstone.

Criterion # 2: transparency

While diamonds may seem to be transparent, this is by no means the case. It is possible to compare diamonds with other kind of stones, such as Zirconium, in two ways. Firstly, the "fog test": you can exhale onto your diamond ring to create a fog on its surface. The fog does not linger on a real diamond for long, whereas it does persist on Zirconium. A second option is placing the diamond on a well-centered black dot, if the black dot appears clearly through the stone, the stone is fake. If it is a real one however, the black dot should blend completely into the diamond.

Criterion # 3: hardness

Diamonds are very resistant to the point that they can scratch, and even cut, mineral materials, such as glass. However, if you want to test the authenticity of your diamond jewellery, avoid repeatedly putting the hardness of your diamonds to the test in order to prevent eventual damage. Although diamonds generally never show any scratches, it is advisable to always take good care of them.

In case of any doubt, you can always seek valuable advice from real diamond professionals such as the diamond experts at BAUNAT, who have a well-recognized expertise within this type of evaluation.

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