Would you like a larger diamond for your ring but the price tag is holding you back? A halo ring optically enlarges your diamond by surrounding it with smaller diamonds. This enables you to stay in budget but still have an impressive ring. So what is a halo engagement ring exactly? We will be happy to explain.

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The Meaning And The Name Of The Halo Ring

The meaning of a halo ring - BAUNAT
What is a halo ring? The term ‘halo’ refers to the phenomenon of light in the atmosphere when coloured or white rings are visible around the sun or moon. This circular light effect is reflected in the setting of a halo ring where a centre diamond is surrounded by smaller, round diamonds. The brilliance from all the stones creates the illusion of a single but impressive big diamond. This setting was created in the 1920s and, as with many other vintage styles, it is now gaining in popularity.

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What Centre Stone Suits a Halo Ring?

Both a colourless and a coloured diamond can be used, both giving a sparkling result. It does not need to be a diamond - coloured gemstones, such as ruby or sapphire, are perfectly suitable for a halo ring, too. The best cuts for the ring are the round diamond and the square princess cut. More specific shapes, such as the marquise cut, or the teardrop, also work but will make the halo effect less pronounced.

So, which diamonds provide the best combination in a halo ring? That actually mainly depends on your budget. The fact is, you do not buy a halo ring every day. Optically, a medium diamond surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds, or a small diamond with three rows of smaller diamonds around it, makes little difference. To enhance the look, you can also inset colourless or coloured pavé diamonds in the band.

When Do You Wear a Halo Ring?

Halo ring with diamonds and sapphire - BAUNAT
A halo ring exudes elegance and class. These types of rings are often used as an engagement ring with a few colourless diamonds. Would you rather buy a halo ring you can wear every day? Then a good idea is to put a different gemstone in the centre. That adds a touch of colour and the halo ring will really sparkle.

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What Types Of Rings and Settings Are There?

Besides the halo ring, we have other types of rings and settings. The halo ring lends itself to a statement ring. If you would rather have something a little subtler, take a look at the following options:

If you are stuck when looking for a diamond, then don't hesitate to ask the jewellery experts at BAUNAT for advice.

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Now you know what a halo ring is and how we can make a diamond look bigger than it actually is through a small addition. So, a handy added bonus for the price of a diamond ring. Would you like to learn more about your diamond ring? Read on below.
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